30 Best Cryptocurrency Newsletters You Must Follow (2023)

The rapidly changing crypto world requires you to be on the edge of the latest cryptocurrency news. Subscribing to professional crypto market newsletters is not only the best way to ensure that you stay informed but also have the right mental tools needed to make the right decision.

best cryptocurrency newsletter

Selection Criteria

In coming up with the list of best crypto newsletters, we have considered:

  • Key data – number of subscribers, send frequency, pay options, maturity (based on year started), publisher (reputation), etc.
  • Content focus – subject area (e.g., cryptos, defi, nft, etc.), quality of production (as perceived by the target market), etc.
  • Target market – targeted readership/audience
  • Delivery channels – mode of delivery e.g., web, social media, mobile app, etc.
  • Value proposition – key selling point, the differentiating factor, unique proposition, what makes it stand out, unique benefits to the target market, etc. 
  • Plus, many other ingenuous metrics.

Crypto Newsletter Ranking

Based on the above criteria, the 30 best cryptocurrency newsletters are:

Coinbound Newsletter sign-up page
Coinbound Newsletter

Produced by one of the leading marketing agencies in the crypto space, this weekly newsletter provides prompt market updates regarding the ongoings in the cryptocurrency space.

Key data

Value proposition

We provide easy tips straight into your inbox that will quickly turn you into a more successful Web3 and crypto marketer.

29. MetaNow Newsletter

MetaNow Newsletter
MetaNow Newsletter

This one is suitable for those seeking bite-sized easy-to-digest news about crypto.

MetaNow is a beginner-friendly newspaper that sends you drips of easily digestible information on the most important aspects of the cryptocurry space. 

Key data

Value proposition

You get paid to read. 

28. The a16z Newsletter

How to Subscribe to a16z's Crypto newsletter
The a16z Crypto Newsletter

Created by one of the leading VC firms in the blockchain world, a16z provides top-tier exclusive content that is gathered, analyzed, curated, and delivered straight to your inbox on a daily basis… free of charge.

Key data

Value proposition

In-depth insights from thought leaders, crypto industry captains, business analysts, and expert voices across the globe.

27. The Block Newsletter

Screenshot of the Block's Newsletter sign up page
The Block Newsletter

This is a leading-edge source of market analysis information. You get information on the movement of various cryptocurrency prices in the market. It provides information on events shaping the digital ecosystem and the movers and shakers behind them.

Key data

Value proposition

A newsletter focused on the crypto ecosystem built by the cryptocurrency community for the community.

26. Ticker Nerds

Ticker Nerds cryptocurrency Newsletter sign up page
Ticker Nerds Newsletter

A membership-driven and investment-focused newsletter that condenses 40 hours’ worth of content into a 5-minute digestible report on the cryptocurrency market. You also get a deep-dive monthly report, incisive technical analysis, and expert advisory opinion on digital assets that have groundbreaking ROI potential.

Key data

  • Send frequency: Weekly and Monthly
  • Pay option(s): Freemium (free option: 30-day trial; paid version: $19.95/month, or $199/year)
  • Newsletter subscription: https://www.tickernerd.com/

Value proposition

Hunting out on your behalf those early-stage crypto opportunities that have the potential to give you massive ROI rewards.

25. Delphi Digital Daily

Screenshot of Delphi Digital Daily Newsletter page
Delphi Digital Daily Newsletter

If you are looking for industry-grade technical analysis on specific digital assets in the crypto space, then, Delphi Digital Daily is your dedicated provider.

Key data

Value proposition

Leveraging a wide variety of expert tools exclusively at our disposal to provide research-based actionable and unbiased insights to both retail and institutional investors on market dynamics that have a crucial impact on digital assets.

24. Consensys Newsletter

Screenshot of how to sign up to Consensys Newsletter
Consensys Newsletter

The Consensys newsletter is produced by one of the leading blockchain technology companies. While the newsletter provides crucial information for the general readership, it is best utilized by those with a good flair for the blockchain space, especially the Ethereum ecosystem. Blockchain developers, enterprises relying on blockchain networks, and technology enthusiasts in this space will find the newsletter especially useful.

Key data

Value proposition

Niche-based expert content on the Ethereum ecosystem and related blockchain technology.

23. Messari’s Newsletter

How to subscribe to Messari's Newsletter
Messari’s Newsletter

This one addresses crypto investors. Messari’s Unqualified Opinion is a research-based daily newsletter providing the latest crypto news and deeper insights on the latest trends within the crypto industry. The aim of this is to enable crypto investors to make the right investment decisions.

Key data

  • Send frequency: Daily 
  • Pay option(s): Freemium (paid subscription: $29.99 / month, $299.99/annually)
  • Newsletter subscription: https://messari.io/newsletter

Value proposition

Gain insights from a team of world-class researchers utilizing exclusive cutting-edge tools and technology to provide highly-enriched research information that drives informed decision-making and sound investment.

22. Coin Metrics Newsletter (State of the Network)

A graph sourced from Coin Metric Newsletter that presents Bitcoin hash rate and difficulty adjustments.
Coin Metric Newsletter

As the name suggests, the Coin Metrics newsletter is about crunching the numbers to come up with deep useful content for those who can digest it – savvy investors. This newsletter aims is best suited to long-term institutional investors.

Key data

Value proposition

Employing sophisticated data gathering and analytical tools to provide information useful to long-term investment decisions.

21. Token Economy Newsletter

A graph sourced from Token Economy Newsletter that presents notes from The Multicoin Summit.
Token Economy Newsletter

One of the best free weekly newsletters covering a wide range of topics within the crypto space.

Key data

Value proposition

Shedding light on the most captivating crypto assets and ideas by providing opinionated thoughts that shape perceptions.

20. Coin Bureau cryptocurrency newsletter

Screenshot of the Coin Bureau's Newsletter landing page
Coin Bureau Newsletter

I am sure you have come across YouTube videos explaining different protocols.

Coin Bureau was launched by “Guy”, a prominent YouTuber whose aim was to use his YouTube channel to disseminate information and knowledge of blockchain. Guy uses his portfolio to demonstrate the impact of price movements as a way to let his over 2 million followers gain practical insights into the workings of the crypto market.

Key data

  • Send frequency: Weekly
  • Pay option(s): Free
  • Newsletter subscription: https://www.coinbureau.com/newsletters/

Value proposition

Practical and demonstrable lessons on how to create and manage your own crypto portfolio by leveraging the effectiveness of crypto trackers.

19. BitColumnist

Screenshot of Bitcolumnist Newsletter home page
Bitcolumnist Newsletter

If you want to avoid the technicalities of crypto then this newsletter is for you.

Bitcolumnist provides a holistic approach to crypto news that has less emphasis on the technical aspects. It provides general information such as reviews and descriptions of various digital assets plus breaking news and lifestyle.

Key data

Value proposition

Providing reader-friendly and value-based non-technical information on various digital assets on the market… information that is delivered through reviews, descriptions, walkthroughs, guides, and tutorials.

18. Rekt Newsletter

Rekt's subscription page
Rekt Newsletter

Get hooked to Rekt Capital on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Why? Mondays bring you a breakdown of research findings about Ethereum and Bitcoin. Wednesdays pamper you with captivating market analysis anchored on critical indicators and precise metrics. Fridays introduce you to novel bits of groundbreaking blockchain technology. You are well served by the Rekt Capital newsletter… each day with a specific topic.

If you’ve got to stay out of scandals such as FTX and scammers like Sam Bankman-Fried, Rekt Newsletter unearths such hacks, exploits, and thefts.

Key data

Value proposition

A noise-free and clutter-less scheduled release of research findings, market analysis, groundbreaking blockchain technology, and unearthing malfeasances such as hacks, exploits, and thefts.

17. CryptoDaily

screenshot of CryptoDaily Newsletter welcome page
CryptoDaily Newsletter

This is a good way to stay on top of crypto news. CryptoDaily is one of the leading blockchain-focused newsletters specializing in the free-to-publish niche. Users of this media outlet are free to consume, contribute and redistribute their favorite content and even use the platform as a means to build their own newsletter.

Key data

Value proposition

A leading free-to-publish media network and crypto news site that bridges the gap between users, enthusiasts, and the crypto industry through the creative distribution of content.

16. The Wolf Den

screenshot of The Wolf Den sign-up page
The Wolf Den Newsletter

If you are into trading crypto then this one is for you. The Wolf Den is authored and published by Scott Melker, one of the leading crypto advocates. He is a Done-It-Myself practitioner who provides practical lessons through his own portfolio acquisitions. He provides a demonstrable use of charts and risk analysis to educate his subscribers and followers.

Key data

Value proposition

Done-It-Myself practical lessons on cryptocurrency investing plus a wide range of news updates and occasional press releases.

15. GlassNode’s Weekly Onchain Newsletter

Screenshot of GlassNode's Weekly Onchain Newsletter welcome page
GlassNode’s Weekly Onchain Newsletter

As one of the world’s leading blockchain-focused newsletters, Glassnode provides strategic information to institutional traders and investors. This strategic information enables traders to track various blockchain-based digital assets to craft a balanced portfolio.

Key data

Value proposition

Provision of strategic intelligence and information in the blockchain space geared towards informed decision-making.

14. MIT DCI (formerly Chain Letter)

Screenshot of MIT DCI Newsletter page
MIT DCI Newsletter

MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) is a successor to Chain Letter. It is a research-focused newsletter authored by the world’s leading digital currency group (research community at DCI) that provides exclusive information based on MIT’s research endeavors in the blockchain and crypto domains.

Key data

Value proposition

DCI engineers a research-driven approach that is geared towards crafting an inclusive global economy through the provision of research necessary to advance the privacy, scalability, and security of digital currency systems.

13. NFT Lately

NFT Lately cryptocurrency Newsletter page
NFT Lately Newsletter

If you want to get top news on NFTs yet you don’t have time for a daily follow-up, then, NFT Lately is the newsletter to subscribe to. You get a twice-weekly summary of everything NFT.

Key data

Value proposition

Analyzing NFT news around the globe to a 5-minute-a-week summary that makes you an NFT expert.

12. Kraken Intelligence

screenshot of Kraken Intelligence Newsletter's welcome page
Kraken Intelligence Newsletter

This newsletter comes from one of the most respected crypto exchanges. Kraken takes advantage of its advanced infrastructure, years of experience, a pool of professional experts, and industrywide exposure to collect data, analyze and collate it into a detailed summary newsletter – the Kraken Intelligence.

Key data

Value proposition

Insider information from one of the most reputable cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world.

11. The Node Cryptocurrency Newsletter

screenshot of The Node Newsletter
The Node Newsletter

Formerly known as Blockchain Bites, the Node is one of the top5 newsletters produced by CoinDesk. Its sister newsletters include Money Reimagined, First Mover, State of Crypto, and Crypto for Advisors.

Key data

Value proposition

Provider of the latest news and up-to-date analyses in the world of cryptocurrency.

10. Cointelegraph

screenshot of Cointelegraph sign-up
Cointelegraph Newsletter

Revered as one of the leading news sources in the cryptocurrency industry, Cointelegraph serves as a point of reference for various news feeds across the globe.  Nonetheless, this is not by design of its own but because of the kind of top-notch news updates that it provides. With almost a dozen newsletters up for a subscription, none does provide diverse industrywide news updates better than Cointelegraph.

Key data

Value proposition

Early access to top-notch cryptocurrency news updates.

9. Bloomberg Cryptocurrency Newsletter

screenshot of Bloomberg's subscription page
Bloomberg Crypto Newsletter

Riding on the back of one of the world’s most reputable media, Bloomberg Crypto employs the same reputation, reliability, and trust on the crypto niche. This newsletter provides daily crypto news, occasional forecasts, and monthly updates covering blockchain technology, digital assets, and the cryptocurrency industry, among other related subjects.

Key data

Value proposition

Reputation, reliability, and trust fused into a formidable cryptocurrency news outlet.

8. Decrypt’s Cryptocurrency Newsletter

screenshot of Decrypt's landing page
Decrypt’s Newsletter

The Decrypt newsletter disseminates news and info on the crypto space. In addition to the daily newsletter, subscribers are also fed with an adequate course of the weekly roundup. In essence, there are four newsletters in one subscription – Daily Crypto News Highlights, the Weekly DeFi News Report, and Decrypt’s Weekend Roundup. For jobseekers, there is the ‘Job Openings in Crypto’.

Key data

Value proposition

Original features and deep dives into the crypto world. Plus, curated daily updates and weekly roundups.

7. The Pomp Letter

screenshot of The Pomp sign up page
The Pomp Letter Newsletter

Produced by Anthony Pompiliano, the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, the Pomp Letter covers cryptos, business, finance, and technology.

Key data

  • Send frequency: Daily 
  • Pay option(s): Freemium (Paid options: $19/month, $199/annually)
  • Newsletter subscription: https://pomp.substack.com/subscribe

Value proposition

Get opinionated stories and insights from one of the leading influencers in the crypto space.

6. CoinMarketCap Newsletter on Crypto

screenshot of CoinMarketCap Newsletter
CoinMarketCap Newsletter

Produced by the world’s largest coin tracking site, this newsletter packs up enriching information on crypto prices, regular price updates, and the latest crypto news on the hottest coins on the market.

Key data

Value proposition

Top-quality, accurate, and unbiased crypto content.

5. Unbankd

screenshot of Unbankd sign-up page
Unbankd Newsletter

By providing jokes of the week, op-eds, studies and surveys, and market updates, Unbanked seeks to demystify the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The content is provided in a skimmed, easy-to-read format.

Key data

Value proposition

Get crypto smart in minutes.

4. The Defiant Crypto Newsletter

screenshot of The Defiant Newsletter
The Defiant Newsletter

The term ‘Defiant’ aptly captures the spirit of this newsletter. In defiance of ‘the norms of political correctness’ the newsletter delivers upright information on the crypto space in a truthful, bold, and fearless manner.

Key data

Value proposition

Demystifying the world of cryptocurrency through the provision of expert information on the interplay between economics, business, and blockchain technology in a simple everyday language. Bold, unbiased, and defiant.

3. CoinSnacks

screenshot of CoinSnacks Newsletter
CoinSnacks Newsletter

Formerly known as CryptoWeekly, CoinSnacks breaks down the complex and unpalatable crypto market data into simpler bites and adds a douse of flavor to make them delicious.

Key data

Value proposition

Highly digestible crypto content that is beginner-friendly… baked by exclusive interviews of crypto experts, founders, industry captains, and research.

2. Milk Road

screenshot of Milk Road
Milk Road Newsletter

Probably one of the most heard about newsletters. The guys who set up the Milk road are the same people behind the Hustle, which is a renowned newsletter about start ups in silicon valley. Milk Road provides witty, casual insights on the latest news and trends in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Web3.

Key data

Value proposition

Get a 3-minute daily newsletter on what matters in the crypto world… plus interesting fun on 1 or 2 coolest things about crypto.

1. Bankless Cryptocurrency Newsletter

Screenshot of Bankless Newsletter
Bankless Newsletter

Founded by the industry’s two big names – David Hoffman and Ryan Sean Adams – the Bankless newsletter starts with beginner-friendly explanations of complex crypto subjects. Written in plain speak, breaking down tough blockchain fiber into digestible crypto bits is what sets Bankless apart from the rest.

Key data

Value proposition

Helping you ‘debank’ yourself from the traditional banking system by providing tech and money insights to boost your financial IQ and achieve financial sovereignty.


Want to stay on top of the latest news in the blockchain space? Subscribing to a couple of cryptocurrency newsletters is the best of ways to remain updated. With this information on the 30 Best Cryptocurrency Newsletters, you are spoilt for choice.


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