About Elemental Crypto

Welcome to elementalcrypto.com. Since you were curious enough to visit this section of the site I will tell you all about Elemental Crypto and about how you and I ended up here.

About 3 years ago I was trying to wrap my head around crypto. I understood vaguely that there was potential but whenever I tried to dive deeper I felt dumb. There were just too many technical terms and jargon.

I thought there must surely be an easier way to make crypto comprehensible. And this is how Elemental Crypto was born.

This site aims to explain alt-coins and DeFi tokens in layman’s terms to  non-coders, non-geeks and people who don’t necessarily have a finance background.

Here is how I started

elemental crypto map
My mental map if crypto

I made a map of all the knowledge one would need to navigate this site.

And then I just started writing.

I will walk you through all you need to know about each coin: What the hype is about; where the potential lies and what you need to be wary of.  

If you are completely new to crypto I highly recommend you read the section on how to learn about crypto.

I decided to start this website because I prefer to absorb content by reading rather than listening to a podcast or watching a YouTube video.

There are so many podcasts and videos out there that it takes me an awfully long time to go through all of them.

I spend hours of researching each article and I summarize everything in writing. Like with any writing this means that you are getting all these hours of research condensed into minutes.

I prefer reading because it allows me to skim content and revisit and re-read parts I want to pay better attention to.

There is already a lot of quality written work about alt-coins. However, things can often get quite technical when you go down the so-called rabbit hole of crypto.

In this blog I hope to provide an explanation of each crypto currency in as simple a language as possible. My motivation in doing this is to understand the crypto space well.

Like many others I became aware of crypto-currencies during the 2017 bull market when Bitcoin hit $20,000. I couldn’t really wrap my head around what cryptocurrencies are about until early 2020 when I discovered better content online and better books. 

I hope this blog provides you a shortcut to get you up to speed on the crypto space

Who am I?

I am just a curious person who has a passion for learning. It bothers me when I don’t understand something and I want the time and effort I put into learning to be worthwhile.

I am in my 40s, work for one of the big tech companies and have an MBA and a joint honors Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mathematics. Like many I am intrigued by the potential that crypto and blockchain can have on the world.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog! Please share if you do.

How to follow me

I post new articles on the elemental crypto facebook page and elemental crypto twitter feed. I am mostly active on Twitter where my Twitter handle is @lementalcrypto and that would be the best way to reach me and keep track of what I am up to.

If you have feedback on the site please do DM me.