40 Best Crypto YouTuber Channels to Follow in 2024

Published: April 12, 2024 | Last Updated: April 28, 2023

Hudson Kisia

Hudson Kisia has been researching and writing content for ElementalCrypto since 2022. He has been writing about crypto, blockchains, and mining for more than 5 years now.

Here’s your ultimate guide to the 40 Best Crypto YouTuber Channels in 2023! Navigating the crypto jungle can be daunting. But worry not, my friend. I’ve got you covered. For this review, I’ve scoured the depths of YouTube to bring you the finest crypto experts. Short, snappy, and packed with info, these channels will keep you in the loop.

From deep dives to market updates, they’ve got it all. Newbies fear not! You’ll find beginner-friendly channels too. Seasoned investors, we didn’t forget you either. Get ready for a crypto rollercoaster ride with our top picks, helping you master the digital asset realm. So, buckle up and let the crypto YouTubing begin!

best crypto youtuber

First Top 10 crypto YouTubers: the crème de la crème

The following is the premium list of the best crypto YouTube channels to follow in the year 2023:

1. Guy Turner crypto YouTuber

With more than 2.2 million subscribers Coin Bureau is the leading YouTube channel in the cryptocurrency space. It boasts a budding team of analysts covering all sorts of topics in the crypto world.

CoinBureau Crypto YouTube Channel
CoinBureau Crypto YouTube Channel

Coin Bureau does rich deep dives into various coins and protocols. Guy, the person running the channel, also does frequent news updates. The channel is aimed at anyone who wants to rely on data and on metrics rather than intuition to make investment decisions. In this regard, the channel carries out fundamental analysis and technical analyses of major crypto assets so that an investor can decide which investment vehicle to take. It also carries an overall market analysis of the crypto industry to provide general industry trends.

Coinbureau goes in depth. However, I sometimes find the videos a bit of an information overload.

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2. Meet Kevin crypto YouTuber

Kevin is one of the most successful crypto YouTubers today. Being a financial advisor, Kevin covers a wide range of topics in the finance industry. This is the best place to find a convergence of information covering both fintech and traditional finance. A lot of his videos are about crypto but he covers a broader non-crypto spectrum as well.

Meet Kevin crypto YouTube channel
Meet Kevin’s crypto YouTube channel

His YouTube Channel, Meet Kevin boasts of 1.87 million subscribers and more than 4,000 videos to its credit.

3. Austin Arnold

Founded by Austin Arnold, AltCoin Daily boasts an impressive following of 1.3 million subscribers. This makes AltCoin Daily one of the top crypto YouTube channels in terms of subscription.

Altcoin Daily crypto YouTube channel
Altcoin Daily crypto YouTube channel

The AltCoin Daily channel is hosted by the twin brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold. The two brothers make sure that the channel continuously feeds its subscribers with fresh daily updates of informative videos on a wide range of topics in the cryptocurrency industry.

4. Brian Jung

With over 1.2 million subscribers and more than 480 videos to his chest, Brian Jung is a prolific content creator in the cryptocurrency space.

Brian Jung crypto YouTube channel
Brian Jung’s crypto YouTube channel

Being a serial entrepreneur and passionate crypto investor, Jung is a living testimony of his teachings. He provides educational content and insights into the latest trends in the crypto market.

5. Benjamin Cowen

Famously known for his weekly “Into The Cryptoverse” editions, Benjamin Cohen is a YouTube crypto content creator who has etched his niche in providing information on the latest trends in the crypto space. He also introduces various crypto assets to his audience which creates awareness about new investment opportunities in the crypto world.

Benjamin Cowen crypto YouTube channel
Benjamin Cowen crypto YouTube channel

Apart from introductions, Benjamin Cohen goes deep to provide incisive analysis to those who want to have a grasp of key metrics that drive the performance of various cryptos. Through his weekly edition, premium members can gain insightful information from technical analysis elements such as logarithmic regression analysis and risk analysis.

Thanks to his effort, Benjamin Cowen boasts of more than 700,000 active subscribers.

6. Ivan Liljeqvist

Going by the brand name ‘Ivan on Tech’, Ivan Liljeqvist has cut out his niche by leveraging his skills and many years of experience as a software developer to provide technical information relating to blockchain technology.

Ivan Liljeqvist crypto YouTube Channel
Ivan Liljeqvist Crypto YouTube Channel

7. Ben Armstrong

BitBoy Crypto YouTube Channel, founded by Ben Armstrong, is one of the industry leaders when it comes to disseminating information about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Ben Armstrong is one of the oldest crypto influencers on YouTube, having started his adventure in the year 2012.

Ben Armstrong crypto YouTube channel
Ben Armstrong’s crypto YouTube channel

Since then, Ben Armstrong has consistently released educational videos accompanied by the latest crypto news around the world.

8. Nicholas Merten

Nicholas Merten, the mastermind behind Data Dash, combines his expertise in cryptocurrency and financial markets to deliver top-notch content. Catering to both crypto aficionados and individuals seeking valuable insights for managing personal finances, Nicholas’ well-crafted content offers something for everyone.

Nicholas Merten crypto YouTube channel
Nicholas Merten’s crypto YouTube channel

9. Alexandrus

Boasting 910 YouTube videos and more than 910,000 subscribers, Alexandrus is a passionate disseminator of information on topics related to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and fintech.

Alexandrus crypto YouTube channel
Alexandrus’s crypto YouTube channel

He also covers market analysis, trading strategies, investment techniques, and reviews of the latest news in the crypto space.

10. George Crypto

This is one of the top crypto influencers on YouTube. George is famous for his crypto YouTube Channel named CryptoRus.

George Crypto YouTube Channel
George Crypto YouTube Channel

With more than 1,600 videos and over 661,000 subscribers, CryptoRus solidifies its position among the top crypto YouTube Channels. CryptoRus provides live streams of the latest crypto news on Bitcoin and altcoins.

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Tier 2: The next top 20 crypto YouTubers

This is the second-tier list of crypto YouTubers that have a great influence in the YouTube crypto space:

11. Alex Becker’s crypto YouTuber

Alex Becker is one of the top crypto influencers in the cryptocurrency world. He has so far released 263 YouTube videos loaded with valuable information to his dedicated following of 1.3 million subscribers.

Alex Becker

12. Whiteboard Crypto

Whiteboard Crypto specializes in providing educational content on cryptocurrencies. It has so far released 136 educational videos to its 856,000 subscribers. These videos are really easy to follow if you are trying to understand complex crypto concepts.

whiteboard crypto youtube channel

13. NFTsGuide

NFTsGuide, as the name indicates focuses primarily on NFTs. Nonetheless, it does cover other topics related to cryptos, fintech, and blockchain including cryptocurrencies, crypto wallets, metaverse, web3, etc.

NFTs guide

NFTsGuide has released 259 videos to its 755,000 subscribers.

14. 99Bitcoins crypto YouTuber

The 99Bitcoins provides weekly updates to its 709,000 subscribers on the ongoings within the crypto world. This valuable information has been disseminated through its collection of 424 weekly crypto videos.

99 bitcoins presenter

15. EllioTrades

Through its 976 YouTube videos, EllioTrades covers a wide range of topics in the world of finance. This is one of the best places to visit if you want information that covers the wider spectrum of finance that includes fintech, cryptocurrency, traditional markets, and stock market trends.

Ellio trades videoblogger

With over 574,000 subscribers, ElloTrades attracts general readers with an interest in financial happenings.

16. Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano is one of the leading YouTube influencers in the crypto space. He is also one of the top crypto influencers on the internet.

pompliano youtube channel

With more than 3,000 videos and above 500,000 subscribers, Pompliano has kept on informing, educating, and inspiring his audience on various topical issues and news in the world of cryptocurrency and finance in general. This makes it a popular YouTube channel in the provision of general information in the crypto space.  

17. Crypto Lark

Crypto Lark is a YouTube Channel hosted by Lark Davis. Lark Davis is a New Zealand-based crypto sensation and one of the best crypto YouTubers when it comes to providing in-depth research and analysis of top cryptocurrencies. He also covers disruptive technology and the blockchain revolution.

Lark Davis crypto youtube channel

Following his channel gives fresh insight into top-performing cryptocurrencies plus the latest trends in the technology ecosystem that underpins the crypto space.

He has a following of more than 478,000 subscribers most of whom are regaled by his refreshing dose of crypto banter that serves to lighten up the tough cryptic moments.

18. Crypto Casey

Crypto Casey focuses on providing educational content to more than 400,000 of its subscribers. The educational videos cover a wide range of topics relating to cryptocurrency in particular and blockchain technology at large.

crypto casey

Crypto enthusiasts love Crypto Casey for her approach to breaking down complex crypto concepts into very chewable and digestible chunks in an engaging and relatable way. Furthermore, Crypto Casey seamlessly blends these concepts with a dose of ongoings in the financial markets and the overall global economy.

This is one of the best cryptocurrency YouTube channels for those who have just stepped into or are about to step into the crypto world.

19. Crypto Zombie

Crypto Zombie is the place to go for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrency and want to get information that is curated to be simple, relevant yet helpful.

crypto zombie youtube channel

With 1,300 videos served to its more than 250,000 subscribers, Crypto Zombie has gone a long way in attracting new entrants into the crypto space through its beginner-friendly approach to disseminating crypto information.

20. Altcoin Buzz

Having 397,000 subscribers plus 3100 videos to its chest, Altcoin Buzz focuses on providing the latest news in the crypto world. It also serves its subscribers with crypto platform guides, technical analysis, and fundamental research.

altcoin buzz channel

As its name suggests, this is the right place to get news, analysis, and information on altcoins and other crypto assets.

21. Crypto Banter

Crypto Banker is a live-streaming YouTube Channel that brings you digital assets news as they break out.

crypto banter presenter

The live streams provide the best place to get valuable information on happenings in the crypto market.

22. Crypto Dad

Crypto Dad boasts 820 videos and 150,000 subscribers. This YouTube channel primarily focuses on crypto hardware wallets. Thus, this is a great place to find help on matters dealing with hardware wallets and hardware-related issues.

crypto dad youtube channel

Nonetheless, the channel also covers a range of topics concerning the blockchain industry.

23. Jacob Crypto Bury

Founded by Jacob Bury, this channel specializes in market analysis and price predictions. Jacob Crypto Bury also provides educational content and more specific lessons on how to carry out technical analysis of crypto assets.

Jacob crypto bury

Through this channel, you can get valuable insights not only into crypto markets but also stock market trends since the analysis applies to the wider financial industry.

24. Technical Roundup

Technical RoundUp is a YouTube Channel that provides a roundup of news and events taking place in the crypto industry on a tri-weekly base.

technical roundup youtuber

This channel boasts 400 YouTube videos already fed to its following of 49,400 subscribers.

25. Trader Mayne

Trader Mayne focuses on providing crypto trading information to its subscribers and crypto enthusiasts. If you are an avid crypto trader, this is the best place to get useful information on trading in cryptos.

Trader mane youtuber

26. JRNY Crypto

JRNY Crypto has been disseminating the latest crypto news to its more than 635,000 subscribers. This information is packed via 388 YouTube videos. The videos cover a wide range of topics in the crypto space.  

JRNY Crypto YouTuber
JRNY Crypto YouTuber

27. Evan Aldo crypto YouTuber

Evan Aldo specializes in providing educational content in the crypto space. His educational videos cover a wide range of topics within the crypto industry.

Evan Aldo
Evan Aldo, Crypto YouTuber

Aldo provides some of the best ways to learn crypto trading and crypto investment via multiple formats. Aldo’s training courses range from beginner-friendly courses to more advanced technical courses.

28. The Modern Investor

The Modern Investor channel prides itself in providing its more than 229,000 subscribers with cutting-edge information on the latest happenings within the cryptocurrency space. With more than 2,500 YouTube videos, tons of valuable information is available to everyone with the desire to be informed.

The Modern Investor Crypto Youtuber
The Modern Investor Crypto Youtuber

29. Crypto Mob

Crypto Mob is a fairly recent YouTube channel. It is just about one year old. Nonetheless, it has made a significant impact in the cryptocurrency space. With just 47 YouTube videos, it has attracted over 274,000 subscribers.

Crypto Mob YouTube Channel
Crypto Mob YouTube Channel

Crypto Mob focuses on Cryptos and NFTs. It covers a wide range of topics within these two domains.

30. WiseAdvice

WiseAdvice has provided 506 educational videos to its 527,000 subscribers on how to earn money online. Thus, WiseAdvice covers a wide range of topics on earning money online including earning money from cryptocurrencies, stock trading, forex, freelancing gigs, etc.

WiseAdvice Crypto YouTuber
WiseAdvice Crypto YouTuber

Tier 3: Top rising crypto vloggers

In this category, we are simply going to list those budding crypto YouTubers worth paying attention to. These include:

31. Crypto Face

Serving its 217,000 subscribers with more than 1,300 videos, Crypto Face focus on providing trading strategies, secrets, and information on Bitcoin.

Crypto Face YouTuber
Crypto Face YouTuber

If you are a Bitcoin enthusiast, this is a great channel to get all-around useful information on Bitcoin performance, trends, and price predictions. Yet, Crypto Face, albeit scantly, covers other cryptos including Ethereum.

32. InvestAnswers

InvestAnswers is a prolific financial advisor on investment. Through its 739 videos, it provides answers to its more than 443,000 subscribers on lots of investment questions covering personal finance, financial markets, stock market trends, mutual funds, digital asset news, traditional markets, and investment in various cryptocurrencies. Here is the best place to get general advisory information on investment.

InvestAnswers Crypto YouTuber
InvestAnswers Crypto YouTuber

33. CryptoVector

With more than 352,000 subscribers and 26 videos released in just one year, CryptoVector is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency YouTube channels.

Crypto Vector YouTuber
Crypto Vector YouTuber

CryptoVector provides valuable information touching on a wide range of topics covering blockchain, fintech, metaverse, and cryptocurrency.

34. CryptoTips

CryptoTips channel
CryptoTips YouTuber

Key data:

35. CryptoVOTV

CryptoVO YouTuber

Key data:

36. Chico Crypto

Chico Crypto YouTuber
Chico Crypto YouTuber

Key data:

37. Encrypto’d

Encryptod Crypto YouTube Channel
Encryptod Crypto YouTube Channel

Key data:

38. Crypto Clear

Crypto Clear YouTuber
Crypto Clear YouTuber

Key data:

39. Tyler S crypto YouTuber

Tyler S portrait shot
Tyler S Crypto YouTuber

Key data:

40. Crypto Advance

Crypto Advance YouTube Channel
Crypto Advance YouTube Channel

Key data:

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Hudson Kisia has been researching and writing content for ElementalCrypto since 2022. He has been writing about crypto, blockchains, and mining for more than 5 years now.

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