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Hi! I am Markos...

markos koemtzopoulos

I am the founder of Elementalcrypto

I started Elementalcrypto back in 2017 because I felt dumb whenever someone would explain crypto to me. 

I thought there ought to be a simpler way to understand it. 

Which is why I built this site and the course.

Previously I worked at Google for 12 years where I advised crypto and gaming advertisers on their growth strategy.  You can read more about me here.

Latest Posts

fastest way to turn crypto into cash

The Fastest Way to Turn Crypto into Cash: Best Guide

There are quite a significant number of ways to convert crypto to cash. However, depending on your unique circumstances and several considerations, some of them may be faster than others. Thus, the fastest way in one circumstance may not necessarily be the fastest in another circumstance or when other factors are put into consideration.  

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Transfer Ethereum from Trust Wallet to Binance 

How to Transfer Ethereum from Trust Wallet to Binance 

Combining the most feature-rich wallet in the crypto space and the world’s largest crypto exchange gives crypto traders and investors an unrivaled advantage in dealing with their digital assets.   In this guide, I will walk you through a straightforward process that involves 3 very simple steps to transfer your Ethereum from Trust Wallet to

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Withdraw Bitcoin to Bank Account

5 Easy Steps to Withdraw Bitcoin to Bank Account

This guide explains how to withdraw bitcoin to a bank account. Eventually, crypto holders need to cash out their crypto gains. A bank account becomes the safest option for storing fiat money received from selling your crypto assets.   Banks are safe because they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, or other similar electronic

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Buy Crypto with Credit Card and No Fees

Best Exchanges to Buy Crypto with Credit Card and No Fees

In this post, I review four crypto exchanges where you can buy crypto with a credit card and no fees. To research this article, my team collected data on 27 crypto platforms that allow you to buy digital currencies with a credit card. Out of those, we identified four that do not charge you

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Wealthsimple Review

Best Wealthsimple Review: Features, Pros and Cons

In this comprehensive Wealthsimple review, I will walk you through the platform’s features, pros, and cons. This review is part of my series on the best Canadian crypto exchanges. Pros and Cons Features Products Wealthsimple offers two major product categories: managed investing and self-directed investing. 1. Managed investing This is a mutual funds robo-advisor

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Can You Make $100 a Day with Crypto

Can You Make $100 a Day with Crypto: 5 Easy Ways

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through five different ways you can make $100 a day with crypto.  1. Day Trading Cryptocurrency As a day trader, you spend your time looking for patterns, doing technical analysis, and staying up to date with crypto news to take advantage of price swings of crypto

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Bitcoin Well Review

Bitcoin Well Review: Is the Canadian Exchange Any Good?

In this review, I will walk you through the pros and cons of using Bitcoin Well. Together, we’ll take a look at fees and how Bitcoin Well compares to other Canadian crypto exchanges. We’ll explore how the website and Bitcoin ATMs operate and why they only focus on one virtual currency. We’ll also explore

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Bitcoin or Ethereum Longterm

Bitcoin or Ethereum Longterm: Which Is Better?

In a recent report, VanEck predicts that the price of Ethereum will reach $22,000 by 2030. In a bullish scenario, they see this number as high as $132,000. The price of Bitcoin, on the other hand, is predicted to grow to anywhere between $70,000 and $100,000 in 2024, depending on who you ask. Jack Mallers,

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Ndax Review

Ndax Review: Is the Canadian Exchange Any Good

This review explores the pros and cons of using the NDAX exchange. We will explore the user interface, product features, and security measures. We’ll decide how safe it is to use and the risks of using NDAX. In addition, we’ll compare NDAX’s trading fees and deposit and withdrawal options against other Canadian crypto exchanges. 

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Best Websites to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

22 Best Websites to Buy Bitcoin with a Credit Card

In this review, I will list the best websites to buy Bitcoin with a credit card. As a rule, US-based exchanges do not accept credit cards. For example, Coinbase only accepts debit cards, while Kraken allows credit cards for non-US customers. Similarly, Binance.US does not accept credit cards, while Binance does. This article is part

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Types of Blockchain

The 6 Types of Blockchain Technology Explained Simply

In this post, I will explain the 6 main types of blockchain technology.  Blockchains can be classified into several types based on their structure, access permissions, and use cases.  Here are the primary categories: Six Different Types of Blockchain 1. Public Blockchains A Public blockchain network is a decentralized digital ledger that is open

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