Best Crypto Forum: 10 Ultimate Discussion Forums (2024)

Published: April 12, 2024 | Last Updated: March 12, 2024

Hudson Kisia

Hudson Kisia has been researching and writing content for ElementalCrypto since 2022. He has been writing about crypto, blockchains, and mining for more than 5 years now.

In this article I review the top 10 discussion places in search of the best crypto forum.

Getting valuable information on the latest news and latest trends from the ever-volatile crypto market is what you need to make informed decisions.

Online forums are some of the best sources of this wealth of information. The key advantage of online forums is that you are not just a passive consumer of information but also an active participant. You get to interact and engage with fellow traders, crypto investors, and crypto enthusiasts. You not only get to ask pertinent questions but also contribute ideas and express your opinions while receiving more in return.

Each crypto forum is unique. Like any other thriving community, you get to choose the one that fits your interests. I have come up with a list of the top 10 best crypto forums so that you can join the crypto community that captivates your passion.

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The top 10 best crypto forums

The following is a curated list of the 10 best cryptocurrency forums that you can join:

1. Bitcoin Talk forum

The Bitcoin Talk crypto forum
The Bitcoin Talk crypto forum

One of the oldest and most dedicated Bitcoin crypto forums is Bitcoin Talk. In this Bitcoin forum, you will get tons of information on almost anything about Bitcoin.

Founded by the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin Talk provides information related to Bitcoin project development, Bitcoin technical analysis, and the future of Bitcoin. This Bitcoin forum also covers general information about blockchain technology and the crypto industry.

2. Crypto subreddits

Bitcoin Subreddit
Bitcoin Subreddit

Reddit is a great place to get crypto-focused discussion forums. This platform is loved by the community of developers who engage on a wide range of topics, especially technical discussions regarding new crypto projects, initial coin offerings, and new crypto wallets.

The forums are organized in the form of subreddits. Each cryptocurrency subreddit covers a specific topic or a set of topics.

The following are some of the leading subreddits to consider:

  • /r/CryptoCurrency
  • /r/CryptoMarkets
  • /r/Bitcoin
  • /r/ETHtrader
  • r/Ethereum

Also check out the best crypto subreddits for a more comprehensive list.

3. BeerMoney Forums

BeerMoney crypto forum
BeerMoney crypto forum

Crypto investors will find BeerMoney  a great way to interact with other investors across various financial domains. Most of the investment principles are not confined to just cryptocurrency. Thus, if you are a crypto investor, you would like to acquire and adapt various tips and ideas from investors in other domains. BeerMoney forums provide this unique opportunity.

Furthermore, BeerMoney is not just about investment opportunities but more about how to make money. It provides an opportunity for members to share, explore and discuss various online money making ventures. Anyone wanting to make money online, especially passive income will find BeerMoney an ideal choice.

BeerMoney has many discussion boards, including the BeerMoney Bitcoin forum where you get to discuss and share ideas about Bitcoin opportunities.

4. Bitcoin Garden Forum

Bitcoin Garden crypto forum
Bitcoin Garden crypto forum

While its name may indicate that it is primarily focused on Bitcoin, that is farther from the case. The Bitcoin Garden Forum covers a very wide range of topics in the entire crypto space. It deals with both Bitcoin and Altcoins.

5. CryptoSlate

CryptoSlate crypto forum
CryptoSlate crypto forum

When you want an all-round information and discussion site, then, CryptoSlate becomes your most ideal choice. CryptoSlate provides a comprehensive guide on interesting topics in the crypto world. Some of these topics include Bitcoin economics, crypto trading, crypto airdrops, and the latest cryptocurrency news, among others.

6. Altcoins Talks

Altcoins Talks crypto forum
Altcoins Talks crypto forum

As the name suggests, Altcoins Talks focuses on Altcoins. However, the name could be misleading as this forum has plenty of discussion sub-forums covering a wide range of topics and issues. It also covers Bitcoin topics in greater detail.

Some of the popular sub-forums include those on Bitcoin mining, NFTs, various altcoins, DeFi, stablecoins, among others.

Both Bitcoin enthusiasts and altcoin crypto enthusiasts will find valuable resources from this forum.

7. Trendri

Trendri crypto forum
Trendri crypto forum

Fresh, current, and modern are the three key attributes that describe Trendri forum. This is a very vibrant online platform with thousands of active members engaging in active discussions on various topics in the crypto space.

8. Hard forum

Hard Community Forum
Hard Community Forum

Cryptocurrency mining works thanks to the various electronic hardware tools, gadgets, and equipment that make it possible to do so.  The Hard Community Forum covers electronics hardware topics. This is a great place for crypto miners to discuss issues regarding their mining hardware and cryptocurrency mining in general. Apart from technical discussion, members can also get updated on the latest tech news in the crypto mining sector.

9. BlackHatWorld crypto forums

BlackHatWorld homepage
BlackHatWorld crypto forum

Content is king and SEO rules the internet. The BlackHatWorld crypto forums is the best place for crypto marketers to learn and exchange ideas on how to improve the SEO ranking of their crypto content.

10. CryptoCompare forum

CryptoCompare discussion board
CryptoCompare forum

As the name suggests, CryptoCompare website focuses on comparing analytical data based on trading signals pulled from dozens of crypto exchanges across the crypto world. This provides both crypto traders and crypto investors with a deep insight one the performance of various digital asset markets across the entire crypto industry.

The CryptoCompare forum receives millions of views from cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world. This attests to its usefulness.

However, the main site is not without strong criticism. There have been allegations of scam adverts and erroneous analytical data. Thus, while the forum is great, it is important to carry your own research to corroborate the analytical data provided on the main site.

Why join a crypto forum?

Joining a crypto forum is a no-brainer. Nonetheless, it is good to remind ourselves why it is important to join these forums. Here are the main reasons:

1. Receive updates

Crypto forums are a perfect place to get the latest updates from the crypto space.

2. Get ideas

Every head has an idea. The easiest way to get great ideas for free is to tap into the thought-put of online communities.

3. Receive answers to pertinent questions

Experience is the best teacher. Online communities comprise of people with experience from diverse backgrounds, including developers, marketers, analysts, business leaders, investors and traders.

Some of the challenges that you are going through have already been experienced by others. Thus, you are likely going to get hands-on practice help from online communities than any other place.

4. Socialize the intelligent way

We are social beings. Socializing is not only essential but a basic necessity for survival and prosperity. Online forums provide you with an opportunity to socialize in an intelligent way. That is, you gain valuable information while socializing.

Factors to consider when choosing your best crypto forum

Many crypto forums exist out there. How do you save time by choosing the best? The following criteria will help you choose the best cryptocurrency trading forum:

1. Quality of discussion

What you need is informative discussions so that you can gain valuable trading information, technical information, the latest cryptocurrency news, the latest tech news, the latest updates in the crypto world, and upcoming events, among other valuable information.

General discussion, although good, shouldn’t be the primary focus.

2. Features

A feature-rich crypto forum will enhance your user experience. The following are some of the features to look out for:

  • Multiple discussion forums – people have different interests. To suit these diverse interests, the platform should allow the user-driven creation of multiple forums.
  • Message boards – the message boards allow direct private or group communication between members. This enhances interaction while boosting user experience.
  • Threaded discussion boards – threading allows readers to easily follow a conversation.
  • Social media integration and tools  – the discussion boards should be well-integrated with popular social media networks such as Facebook, X, Pinterest, etc. It should also have social media tools such as sharing tools, reaction tools, etc. This allows easy pulling and sharing of ideas across the web.
  • Clean look – the forum should not be cluttered. Unfortunately, many are. A clean look inspires creative thinking and better ideas. This adds value to contributions.
  • Protective security measures – the platform should have security measures that not only weed out nefarious characters but also protect users from privacy infringement and malware infections.
  • User-friendly cookie policy – the cookie policy should not be overly intrusive. One of the best practices is to allow only essential cookies plus analytical cookies.

3. Multiple sections

A good cryptocurrency forum platform should have Separate sections based on specific subjects and topics. Some of the common sections could include:

  • Discussion boards section – this is the main section of a forum platform.
  • Comprehensive guide section – this section has comprehensive guides for various subjects. Popular guides include crypto trading guides, crypto investing guides, etc.
  • Tutorials section – this section provides tutorials. Some of the popular tutorials include Bitcoin tutorials, Altcoin tutorials, etc.
  • Projects section – this section covers project development. It handles both existing and new projects. Some of the popular projects include new crypto projects, NFT projects, mining hardware projects, forum projects, etc.

4. Activity level

A dormant forum doesn’t inspire. Forums are about engagements and interactions. A highly active forum means that there are plenty of interesting topics being discussed. The platform administrators have to promote activity level by creating, inspiring, or motivating the arousal of such interesting topics.

5. Niche focus

The forum platform should have a niche focus if it has to provide a wealth of information capable of bringing deep insight. Even a general forum can have niche-specific sections, subsections, sub-forums, or subtopics.

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Hudson Kisia has been researching and writing content for ElementalCrypto since 2022. He has been writing about crypto, blockchains, and mining for more than 5 years now.

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