Yuga Labs leaked pitch deck

Yuga Labs deck: the 9 secrets that leaked

In late March 2022 a leaked pitch deck from Yuga Labs started making the rounds. The slides were so well put together that they do not require a voiceover to understand them. For this reason, many suspect this be a publicity stunt for Yuga Labs’s Ape Coin and their metaverse project called the Otherwise.

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What is Ape Coin

What is Ape Coin: 10 Things You Absolutely Need to Know

What’s up with all the hype around Ape Coin? Is yet another meme coin being born or is it something different this time? These questions were buzzing around my head too so I decided to take a deeper look. After reading 16 articles, watching 3 hours of videos, and listening to more than 5

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how to buy Ape Coin

How to Buy Ape Coin

You can buy Ape Coin on the following centralized exchanges Coinbase Binance Binance.us eToro Kraken Gemini OKX FTX CoinEX Huobi Voyager ByBit Gate.io KuCoin Nexo The exchanges listed above are the ones that ApeCoin have listed on their website. Please note that I do not get an affiliate commission from the above and have

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apecoin contract address

ApeCoin Contract Address: make sure you use the right one

The ApeCoin contract address is 0x4d224452801ACEd8B2F0aebE155379bb5D594381 In general it is not a good idea to take my word for it. I would encourage you to check the address on Etherscan on your own. Rather than follow a link that I provide, you should visit Etherscan directly on your own and find the address. In

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Ape Coin price

Ape coin price status and updates

When ape coin launched in March its price was around $9 per coin but within a few days reached $14. Over the next 30 days or so it hovered around the $12 mark. BTW, check out how to buy Ape coin if yar don’t know October update ApeCoin is currently hovering around $5.2 and

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