ApeCoin Contract Address: make sure you use the right one

The ApeCoin contract address is


In general it is not a good idea to take my word for it.

I would encourage you to check the address on Etherscan on your own.

Rather than follow a link that I provide, you should visit Etherscan directly on your own and find the address.

In principle it is good to do this for coins that are in your custody and not sitting on a centralized exchange somewhere.

For how to go about making your purchase check out my instructions on how to buy Ape Coin.

Ape Coin contract address
Ape Coin’s address on Etherscan. Source: Etherscan.io

How to find the correct ApeCoin contract address on Etherscan

Google the Etherscan homepage and start typing ApeCoin in the search bar.

You will see a drop down of different token that are called ApeCoin.

Select the one that has the right logo, the right site (apecoin.com) and the right price as reflected on Coinmarketcap or some exchange you use.

This way you know you have the right one.

Select the correct ApeCoin from the dropdown. Source: Etherscan.io

For example, in the screenshot above there is another contract calle APEcoin (APE) which is not the correct one. So you need to make sure you are choosing the correct one.

BTW if you want to get the full lowdown check out my extended article on What is Ape Coin.

How to use the ApeCoin Contract Address

Most people need the address to import it into their wallet so they can track their assets.

For example you may have transferred ApeCoin into you Metamask wallet.

In order for Metamask to show you the precise amount of ApeCoin you have you will need to import the address.

For example, in the image below the owner of the wallet has imported the contract address and can see that they own 28K ApeCoin which is about $230K.

ape coin metamask address
Metamask shows you your ape coin once you import that contract address

Is there a bsc scan contract?

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 token which means it is available on Ethereum compatible platforms.

On their website ApeCoin make not mention anything with respect to BEP-20 or BSC.

I see there are some Apecoins with the ApeCoin logo that you can trade on Pancakeswap but when I checked they seemed to have too few transactions which makes them look suspicious.

Please feel free to comment below if you know otherwise.

Other ways to cross check

The best way to ensure you have the correct address for your coin is to cross check against their website or public posts. For example the tweet below from the official ApeCoin profile on Twitter confirms the address I see on Etherscan. I know it is the official ApeCoin profile because Twitter has put a blue tick mark next to it.

This means that you can be fairly certain that the address is 0x4d224452801ACEd8B2F0aebE155379bb5D594381 and that there is no Bsc option.

Will ApeCoin be changing their contract address anytime soon?

After ApeCoin auctioned their land in the summer of 2022 there was talk of them creating their own chain. This is because the Ethereum chain became massively congested and buyers had to pay an enormous amount of fees to buy land NFTs. They likely drew inspiration from Axie Infinity and its Ronin blockchain that made transaction in the game way faster. The problem is that Ronin was hacked and Axie is dying a slow death.

Most experts I trust say that building a separate blockchain for ApeCoin is unnecessary as maintaining a separate blockchain is a whole other headache and not the core strength of the Ape Coin foundation and their team. In any case I will keep you informed of any changes should this happen.

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