Strong Coin is not a good investment at all. Full stop. If you are thinking “mmmm…maybe I will become rich. Maybe it’s reached the bottom” smack yourself in the face. “Bu…But …This chick on YouTube says she made so much money”. OK, firstly, YouTubers create content that people want to watch. If the title says […]

You can buy Strong coin on any of the following exchanges. Kucoin Uniswap v2 Latoken Bitrue It was super easy to find these. All I did was search for STRONG on When you scroll down it tells what exchanges a token trades on. It looks like this: All of those exchanges, apart from […]

There are 7 main reasons why Strong coin has been constantly plummeting since November ’21 and they are all interrelated. I don’t see this downward trend breaking unless the StrongBlock team addresses the last 2 of these. So let’s take a look at the main factors driving Strong coin’s cascade. I will list them here […]

In this article I will examine wether Strong Coin is a legitimate protocol. On the one hand you have detractors who claim that Strong coin is a ponzi scheme that has been swindling people’s money. On the other hand you have promoters who believe that Strong Coin is a bona fide project with future upside […]

In this article I will walk you through all there is know about Strong Coin. What strong coin is. How the whole thing works. How Strong is transitioning to Stronger. And why people are so unhappy with it right now. So unhappy to the extent that, the company behind Strong coin, have turned off […]

To mine STRONG coin you need to put your money into a pool of assets. From there on you earn rewards for doing so. As of August 2022 rewards range from 9-40%. Before you start mining STRONG coin there’s a few things I would like to bring you up to speed with. First of all […]