Top 4 Strong node calculators

In this article, I will review the top Strong node rewards calculators built by the crypto community.

Their ease of use varies depending on what you want to do.

Before moving on make sure you understand the basics.

I am going to assume you understand what Strong coin is, how it has transitioned to Stronger, how it plans to switch its protocol over to a proprietary blockchain called Strong Chain and how the whole thing with the nodes works. If you need a refresher check out my explanation of Strong Coin.

Before reviewing the strong node calculators let’s understand the inputs and outputs you need.

Estimating Strong Node rewards

When you invest in a Strong Node there are 4 expenses you need to consider.

Strong Node expenses

  1. The cost of the Node itself which nowadays is 10 STRNGR.
  2. The gas fees required to convert STRNGR back into your preferred token say a stablecoin.
  3. The monthly maintenance fee of $14.95 plus the accompanying gas fees you will need in order to make the payment in ETH.
  4. And, for those of you who are good citizens, taxes.

On the rewards side you have a steady stream of income. Let’s focus on Ethereum nodes for simplicity

Strong Node Rewards

  1. You earn 0.1 STRNGR per 7,000 Ethereum blocks which works out to 0.91 STRNGR per day given there are 6,400 Ethereum blocks per day. You stop earning rewards once you reach 20 STRNGR
  2. You also get extra rewards if you own a StrongBlock NFT. Most calculators ignore these. I will too.

This looks easy you think. I can do these calculations by hand. Why do I even need a calculator?

And indeed most calculators are taking very simple inputs. The problem is that none of them account for price fluctuations. They estimate of how much money you will be making over days, weeks and months by assuming that the price of STRNGR will stay constant which it never does.

Let’s review the strong node calculators out there

Best strong node calculators

1. The online node rewards calculator by @Tanktiger

The cool thing about this calculator is that it is a website as opposed to a spreadsheet. You can input the number of Ethereum nodes you have and it will calculate how much STRNGR you will earn over different periods of time. It will also show you the dollar value of those returns and what taxes you can expect to pay assuming a tax rate of 25%.

strong node calculator
The strong calculator at

However, the calculator has not placed a limit on the amount of STRNGR rewards. For example, it shows that after a year you will have 37 STRNGR. In reality your nodes will be retired after you reach 20 STRNGR i.e. after about 6.5 months. Also all of the calculations assume that the price of STRNGR will remain constant which is not going to happen in reality.

2. The Strong block calculator by @CryptoFrog1776

This is the easiest calculator to use. You input the number of ETH nodes and it tells you how much you will make per month. For example, below in the interface it tells you that the monthly passive income for 1 node is $5.

strong block calculator
The Strong block calculator at

The drawbacks of this tool is that it assumes a constant price and does not account for taxes. Also please note that where it says Net/Mo Income w/o fees to output look wrong. Your net income in the example below would be 20 STRNGR * $2 – $20= $20. Which makes you net monthly income to be around $3 not $9.95.

3. The spreadsheet by the Calculator Guy

This Strong node spreadsheet by the Calculator Guy allows you to input your own assumptions and the current price of STRONG which you can replace with that of STNRGR. It does not take into account the newly imposed 20 STRNGR limit so it projects calculations all the way up to a year. You can also go wild by examining what would happen if you compounded returns.

Strong node spreadsheet by the Calculator Guy
The strong rewards spreadsheet by the Calculator Guy

4. Best Strong node calculator by @lementalCrypto

The best strong node calculator is this spreadsheet that computes Strong returns by taking expected price movement into account. I think it is quite naive to invest in something and to assume that the price will be constant. This is never the case, especially with crypto tokens. Below I have made a strong node rewards calculator where you can see how profits change depending on how the price moves.

strong node rewards calculator
This Strong rewards calculator takes price fluctuations into account

In this calculator, you can input the average daily change in price that you expect over a period of time. I have chosen the compound daily growth rate of the last 3 month which works out to -0.94%. This means that price has been dropping by ~1% per day. If you like you can estimate the daily growth rate in price using a different period of time. You just need to edit where it says CAGR table. This allows to have a way more realistic picture of what your profit will look like if price continues along it current trajectory. As you can see, currently you lose money if you invest in strong block nodes. In fact, you even lose money when the price is constant.

Wrapping up

Overall, you definitely need to take expected price movement into account when you use a compute your strong rewards. Given the recent trajectory of prices it makes no sense to invest in Strong blocks. Please check out the resources below to find out more

Further resources

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