what is injective crypto

What Is Injective Crypto and Is It a Good Investment?

In this post, I will explain what Injective crypto is and how it works. I will then explore whether I think the Injective protocol is a good investment by scoring it across four dimensions: Team, Product, Tokenomics, and Momentum.  What is Injective Crypto?  Injective is a blockchain that was purposefully built for financial applications. 

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what is Akash Network

What is Akash Network? The best explanation by far

Ok, hear this. Last week, before I even knew anything about Akash Network, I was traipsing through the internet when I came across the following statistic. 2/3 of Ethereum nodes (computers) are on 3 major cloud providers. In fact, 50% of ETH nodes are on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure. Whoah! That’s not looking

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THORChain explained

What is THORChain and Rune crypto? Here is an 11 minute summary

My first impressions of THORchain and the RUNE crypto token were that those names sounded kind of gimmicky. Without knowing anything about RUNE crypto, I assumed that it was just another meme coin that was going to do an impressive take-off only to crash back down into oblivion very soon after. Granted, first impressions

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what is cosmos crypto

What is Cosmos Crypto? 11 steps that will get you up to speed 

Cosmos calls itself the Internet of Blockchains. So what is Cosmos Crypto exactly? The team behind Cosmos views the future as being multi-chain rather than one-chain-to-rule-them-all. In the early days of crypto, most proponents took a maximalist stance supporting one blockchain only. You were either pro-bitcoin, pro-Ethereum, etc. With the growth of various altcoins

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Terra Luna creative

What is Luna Terra? The absolute beginners guide

Important update: As of May 2022 the Terra Luna ecosystem has collapsed and is seeking ways to regenerate itself. The death spiral that Terra’s founders didn’t think was possible actually happened. In order to understand Terra and its Luna currency I still highly recommend you read the article below which will walk you through

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