The most renowned Cosmos ecosystem projects are app-chains such as Osmosis, Kava, THORChain and the now infamous Terra-Luna.
Key Cosmos Ecosystem Projects

Osmosis: a decentralized exchange with sleek user experience
Kava crypto: aims to connect the Cosmos ecosystem to Ethereum
THORChain : if you want to use your BTC in an immutable manner across blockchains make sure you read this one. My writing on this article has received the most appraisals so far so it must be good.
Terra – Luna: a massive project that burst. I have an article explaining the basics of how it works and then I have another explaining how the whole thing exploded and what it means for crypto more broadly.
Evmos. I will shortly be adding an article about this app chain which, like Kava, aims to merge the Cosmos and Ethereum platforms together.
In addition to Evmos I will also be writing about Juno and Oasis network.

If you are new to Cosmos then I recommend you read my foundational article on Cosmos crypto from the list below. This will give you a good overview of how Cosmos works. Later you can read the other articles on cosmos ecosystem projects.

Note that I have only listed major decentralized projects. These were the most interesting to write about. Major centralized exchanges were also built on Cosmos. Notable projects such as Binance Coin, OKExChain, coin and and KuCoin Token all use Cosmos.

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I have been looking into the Osmosis crypto exchange and its OSMO coin over the past week. I couldn’t believe how simple it was to understand. I’ll tell you what it is and the main things you need to know here. That way you don’t have to waste time listening to hours of podcasts and […]

As of July 2022 Kava crypto ranks #17 by total value locked. By the end of 2022 it aims to rank in the top 5. That is a lofty ambition. What is Kava crypto and why do its founders believe they can climb that rank so fast? When I first started doing research on Kava […]

My first impressions of THORchain and the RUNE crypto token, were that those names sounded kind of gimmicky. Without knowing anything about RUNE crypto, I assumed that it was just another meme coin that was going to do an impressive take-off only to crash back down into oblivion very soon after. Granted, first impressions are […]

Why did Luna crash? What led to terra UST’s demise and how does this relate to Luna? In this article I will walk you through the most significant collision in crypto history to date and what lessons we can learn from it. Let’s look at what happened The beginning of Luna’s demise On the 8th […]

Cosmos calls itself the internet of blockchains. So what is Cosmos crypto exactly? The team behind Cosmos view the future as being multi-chain rather than one-chain-to-rule-them-all. In the early days of crypto, most proponents took a maximalist stance supporting one blockchain only. You were either pro-bitcoin, pro-Ethereum etc. With the growth of various alt coins […]

Important update: As of May 2022 the Terra Luna ecosystem has collapsed and is seeking ways to re-generate itself. The death spiral that Terra’s founders didn’t think was possible actually happened. In order to understand Terra and its Luna currency I still highly recommend you read the article below that will walk you through the […]