What Does Unmineable Do and Is It Any Good or Is It a Scam?

Published: February 4, 2024 | Last Updated: December 30, 2023

Hudson Kisia

Hudson Kisia has been researching and writing content for ElementalCrypto since 2022. He has been writing about crypto, blockchains, and mining for more than 5 years now.

As the name suggests, Unmineable is a platform where you can mine your favorite non-mineable crypto coin. How? Unmineable Pool lets you mine using your ordinary hardware – CPU, GPU, and other simple hardware that you might own.

Unmineable Bitcoin for CPU mining?

What if your favorite coin is Bitcoin? Yes, bitcoin is Unmineable on CPU and GPU due to profitability factors. It requires powerful ASIC miners to turn profits. So, how do you use the Unmineable platform to mine bitcoins profitably? Let’s find out how this works.

How does Unmineable work?

Unmineable is a mining pool that provides several PoW miners based on the Proof-of-Work (PoW) system. Thus, when you join Unmineable, you are essentially joining a mining pool.

As we’ve already indicated, CPU mining is an unviable choice for Bitcoin mining. It is also an unviable choice when using a graphics card (GPU mining). You don’t want your mining efforts to go unrewarded by using CPU or GPU to mine bitcoins.

What do you do if you only have an ordinary CPU (desktop or laptop)? You can choose to mine those coins that support CPU mining such as Monero. So, when you mine Monero, the block reward will be automatically swapped into bitcoins. Thus, you will not earn Monero coins but bitcoins as if you were mining bitcoins.

Thus, the Unmineable platform lets you mine your favorite non-mineable crypto coin through a proxy algorithm.

The following are two major features that define how Unmineable works:

1. The Unmineable automated system

To enjoy a seamless experience, the Unmineable Miner has an automated system for swapping. This automated system allows you to mine the best coin based on your mining hardware capabilities and then the block rewards are automatically swapped into your favorite non-mineable crypto coin.

2. The proxy mining algorithms

The following are the main proxy algorithms that Unmineable Miner uses:

  • Ethash – for mining Ethereum based on the Proof-of-Work algorithm
  • Etchash – an ASIC-resistant algorithm for mining Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  • KawPow – ASIC-resistant algorithm for mining Ethereum Classic (ETC) on a graphic card.
  • RandomX – for mining Monero (XMR) Coin on a CPU.

More algorithms are being churned out. Stay updated.

How to start mining on Unmineable

Getting started with cryptocurrency mining on the Unmineable Pool is as easy as the following steps:

1. Download and set up your mining software

Go to the Unmineable download page to download the right Unmineable mining software.

The Unmineable Miner downloads page
The Unmineable Miner downloads page

The mining software that you download depends on the hardware that you will use for your cryptocurrency mining operation.

The following are the major mining software:

  • XMRIG – the XMRIG is for CPU mining. You can use this mining software to mine cryptocurrencies using your desktop or laptop.
  • PhoenixMiner – the PhoenixMiner is for GPU mining. You can use this mining software to mine cryptocurrencies using your graphic card.
  • T-Rex Miner – this is another GPU version. T-Rex Miner is not a native software for Unmineable Pool. It is a universal software that can be adapted for use on this platform.
  • Unmineable App – this is a free app from Unmineable. You don’t use this to mine but rather to monitor and manage your mining operation.

2. Determine your mining profitability

Mining cryptocurrencies is a business enterprise. Like any other enterprise, you need to maximize profit. You cannot achieve profit maximization if you are not informed about the profitability of your chosen coin.

Luckily, the UnmineablesBest calculator lets you establish the profitability of the coins that you want to mine.

The Unmineable profitability calculator
The Unmineable profitability calculator

The following are the 3 major steps to following in using the UnmineablesBest calculator:

  1. Choose your mining algorithm
  2. Enter your Miner’s hash rate
  3. Click the ‘Calculate’ button to get the profitability rate

3. Select a profitable coin to mine

Unmineable Coins
Unmineable Coins

After you download your mining software and make profitability calculations, the next step is to choose your profitable coin to mine.

4. Establish the mining cost

How much does it cost to mine on Unmineable? The Unmineable platform charges a flat rate of 1% mining fee. You can reduce the amount of fees that you pay by employing a referral code. When you use a referral code, you just pay a 0.75% mining fee.

Unlike most mining pools, the Unmineable fee is all-inclusive. That is, you don’t pay any extra charges. No withdrawal fees. No swap fees.

5. Set your mining operation

The Unmineable platform has a Task Manager where you make a mining setup. Once you’ve downloaded your Unmineable cryptocurrency mining software, the next step is to set up your mining operation. This involves the following key steps:

(a) Let the software autodetect your hardware

Unmineable hardware autodetection
Unmineable hardware autodetection

The hardware gets automatically detected during the initialization process, before installation.

(b) Select your favorite non-mineable crypto coin and its wallet

Wallet Address
Unmineable Wallet Address
  1. Select your best coin from the dropdown list in the first window pane as indicated in the figure above.
  2. Enter your wallet address in the second window pane as indicated in the figure above.

(c) Set your hardware’s mining options

Unmineable mining options
Unmineable mining options

To set up your hardware’s mining options:

  1. Select your mining hardware – either GPU or CPU
  2. Set your GPU/CPU memory size
  3. Set the GPU mining algorithm

(d) Enter your referral code (if any)

Unmineable referral code setup
Unmineable referral code setup

In this step, you will need to do the following:

  1. Set your app’s worker name – this is done randomly by the automatic system.
  2. Enter the referral code that you have
  3. Press the ‘On’ button if you want mining to start immediately you switch on the machine. Otherwise, press the ‘Off’ button to manually start the mining operation.

(e) Set up your mining app’s behavior

Unmineable app setup
Unmineable app setup

To set up the app’s behavior, do the following:

  1. To minimize your app to the system tray whenever it is running, click on the ‘On’ button. Otherwise, click on the ‘Off’ button.
  2. To start the mining app on Windows login, click on the ‘On’ button. Otherwise, click on the ‘Off’ button.

6. Start mining

start mining button
Unmineable start mining button

The App’s interface will show basic details of your mining operation as exemplified in the figure above. To start mining, click on the ‘Start’ button.

7. Monitor your mining progress

how to monitor mining process
Unmineable free app

Download and install the Unmineable free app to monitor the progress of your mining operation.

8. Reap the block rewards

After a successful mining operation, you will earn rewards. There are two options to reap these rewards in your wallet:

  • Automatic wallet transfer – you set the transfer threshold amount upon which your payout amount will be automatically transferred to your wallet address.
  • Manual wallet transfer – you manually transfer this amount to your wallet after the minimum threshold is reached.

Note: Both the minimum and transfer threshold amounts depend on your chosen coin.

Why Unminable?

Various factors make the Unmineable Pool the preferred choice for mining your best coin. The following are just but a few of these factors:

1. The unbeatable unique features

The following are the major unique features that make Unmineable stand out from the rest:

  • Proxy mining – the ability to mine your most profitable coin such as Bitcoin and Binance coin using non-native algorithms can be termed as proxy mining.
  • Auto swap mechanism – proxy mining is successful due to the built-in automated system of swapping coins.
  • Referral code – when you join Unmineable, you have the option to use a referral code during the mining operation.
  • Pool of pools – By design, Unmineable is a mining pool. Yet, this Unmineable pool utilizes other pools in an automated system to execute the various mining operations. Thus, it pools other pools into a single Unmineable platform. As a user, you will not see this in action since this is done behind the scenes.

2. Unparalleled benefits

There are several unique benefits that you can’t get from any other mining pool. These include:

(a) Low electricity cost

You can imagine how much it would cost to mine bitcoins using an ASIC. Unmineable lets you earn a Bitcoin reward by using the electricity cost equivalent to mining Monero. Thus, your electricity bills will be far lower than you would have otherwise incurred mining your favorite non-mineable crypto coin.

(b) Zero swapping fee

The automated system for swapping doesn’t cost anything. This is unlike other mining pools where you will have to pay a swapping fee to change from your mined coin to your favorite coin.

(c) Low flat rate

You just pay a 1% mining fee that is all-inclusive. Most mining pools will charge you a withdrawal fee.

(d) Referral Program

While some other mining pools may have a referral program, it isn’t as straightforward as the one for Unmineable. Thus, you can earn additional revenue by participating in the Unmineable referral program.

(e) Beginner-friendly interface

Mining cryptocurrencies is a complex affair. This can lead to a very complex user interface. However, the Unmineable interface is straightforward. Newbie miners can easily get started.

(f) Mine multiple digital assets

The biggest advantage of Unmineable Pool is that you can mine multiple digital assets using the swapping mechanism. On other platforms, you will have to pay a swapping fee. This swapping would be a different process altogether, not an integrated process like that on Unmineable Pool.

(g) Multiple payment options

You can receive your payout amount in more than 80 different digital assets. Currently, no platform gives you such a wide option at zero swapping fee.

(h) Leveraging hash power

You can use your low hash rates to mine coins that require high hash rates. For example, the hash rate required to profitably mine bitcoins is over 100 times more than the hash rate that you require to profitably mine the Monero coin. Thus, by using Monero’s mining algorithm to acquire bitcoins, you have, in essence, leveraged your lower hash power for 100x more hash power.

3. Passive income opportunities

passive income opportunities
Unmineable passive income opportunities

Apart from block mining rewards, several ways exist from which you can earn passive income on the Unmineable platform.

The following are two main ways of earning passive income:

(a) Earn Unmineable referral fee

Unmineable referral code fee structure
Unmineable referral code fee structure

You can earn a 0.25% referral fee which automatically reduces your mining fee. Thus, you end up paying only a 0.75% mining fee instead of the usual 1%. You can earn an extra reward of 0.25% on secondary referrals (that is, those referred to the platform by your referrals).  This accumulates to a gross fee of 0.5%. Thus, you end up paying just a 0.5% mining fee.

(b) Earn Unmineable rewards for content creators

content creators fee structure
Unmineable content creators’ fee structure

If you are a passionate content creator, you can earn passive income by creating content about Unmineable Pool.

As you can see, there are 4 tiers of earning passive income from content creation each with an extra benefit based on the growth of your active readership/following.

The best use cases for Unmineable

The Unmineable platform is not a one-solution-fits-all platform. In some use cases, you are better off using alternatives. For example, if you can afford to use an ASIC miner to mine bitcoins directly, then, there is no need to use Unmineable as the payout amount will be much lower since the block reward for mining a proxy coin (such as Monero) is not the same as the block reward for mining bitcoins.

The following are some of the best use cases:

  • When you have a GPU that you used to mine your best coin but it is no longer profitable to do so. For example, in the past, it used to be profitable to mine bitcoins using Nvidia 1080 GPU. Nowadays, that is not profitable due to the mining difficulty factor having multiplied several folds. In this case, you can use your GPU to mine proxy coins and then get bitcoins as your reward.
  • When the only device you have is CPU-based, for example, if you are using a desktop or laptop to mine cryptos and you would like to mine bitcoins, then, Unmineable is the best choice. Thus, you will be leveraging the low hash power of your device to gain coins that require high hash power.
  • Putting an old spare gadget into use. If you have an old desktop or laptop that no longer fits your daily chores, instead of keeping it idle or disposing of it, you can put it into use to earn passive income through Unmineable.


To fend off bad actors, make sure that you are on the genuine Unmineable website and are using the right app. The Unmineable provides a free app to use. Any app that you are being charged for or has in-purchase ads is not an Unmineable app. Watch out for fakes and decoys.

Like any new digital product, the potential risks of being defrauded by scammers disguising themselves as Unmineable agents are higher. Once the platform becomes well-known by many people, these risks go down.

The Unmineable Pool warns its users against fake deals on Instagram and Telegram channels purporting to charge fees for listings.

Just as dealing with other digital platforms and digital assets, exercise due diligence, trust your instinct, and don’t overlook any suspicion.


The Unmineable Pool presents a revolutionary way of mining cryptocurrencies. You don’t need complex or specialized mining hardware to get started. And neither do you need to master any sophisticated mining software to manage your mining operation. The Unmineable platform is beginner-friendly and easy to use. You are no longer unable to mine your best coin simply because you don’t have any of the expensive ASIC miners. With Unmineable Miner, you can easily mine your favorite non-mineable crypto coin using your simple hardware – be it a desktop or laptop.

Hudson Kisia has been researching and writing content for ElementalCrypto since 2022. He has been writing about crypto, blockchains, and mining for more than 5 years now.

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