5 Best White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Published: 28th January, 2024 | Last Updated: 29th January, 2024

Hudson Kisia

Hudson Kisia has been researching and writing content for ElementalCrypto since 2022. He has been writing about crypto, blockchains, and mining for more than 5 years now.

In this post I will review the best white label cryptocurrency exchange software.

Building your own crypto exchange software from scratch can grant you a wide range of customizable solutions. However, this is not the ideal choice if you are not a software developer, don’t have an expert pool of developers with many years of experience, don’t have the capital outlay required to hire and maintain such a pool of experts, or don’t have the time it takes to develop it. In such a case, white label crypto exchange software becomes a more timely and cost-effective solution.

 A white-label cryptocurrency exchange software enables you to launch your cryptocurrency exchange platform within a short period of time. Thus, you can quickly avail your digital assets on the crypto market within a short time.

Top 5 Ready-to-Deploy White Label Crypto Software

Whether you want to deploy a centralized or a decentralized exchange, a turnkey solution awaits you. You can pick a ready-made solution from the following list:

1. HollaEX

HollaEX is one of the oldest white label crypto exchange software solutions widely used by those who want to create their own cryptocurrency exchanges.

If you are looking forward to starting your own crypto exchange business, put it on your list of priorities.

HollaEx white-label crypto software
HollaEx white-label crypto software


Main features include:

  • Custom branding – brand your crypto exchange platform to your liking.
  • Custom listing – you can launch your own tokens and other digital assets as you like.
  • Multi-signature wallets
  • Multi-payment gateway – for both crypto and fiat digital assets
  • White label mobile applications – users can access your cryptocurrency exchange platform on a mobile device on Android and iOS platforms
  • Banking integrations – can be integrated into bank accounts
  • Real-time exchange and transfer of fiat digital assets
  • Diverse risk management options
  • Regulatory compliance based on the crypto industry standards and best practices
  • Multi-currency accounts (for national fiat currencies)
  • Multicurrency swapping – including fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat swaps


The key advantages of HollaEx are:

  • Quick setup – you can easily set up your exchange within moments. It is a ready-to-deploy white label solution.
  • Quick launch
  • Flexible customizations
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast


The following are some of the disadvantages of HollaEX:

  • Requires a paid cloud offering to enjoy all its features
  • Integration with fiat on/off ramp requires technical know-how

2. PayBito

Boasting an impressive suite of features, PayBito white-label cryptocurrency exchange software supports a wide range of digital assets including both fiat and crypto assets.

PayBito white-label crypto software
PayBito white-label crypto software


Some of the core features of PayBito include:

  • Copy trading
  • Social trading
  • AI trading
  • Merchant payments
  • Brokerage
  • ICO launchpad
  • Crypto banking
  • Automated crypto asset creation and tokenization
  • KYC verification system
  • Matching engine and Order Book
  • Wallet management
  • Customer management
  • Branding user interface
  • Crypto broker interface


Advantages of PayBito include:

  • An all-inclusive trading platform with lots of features
  • Quick and easy user account creation
  • Multiplatform support including access on desktop and mobile device
  • Free trading analytics
  • Easy to carry out copy trading
  • Passive income features including the ability to set up a referral program


Some disadvantages of PayBito include:

  • Limited fiat withdrawal methods

3. Merkeleon

Ultra-high security and advanced features are two primary factors that make Merkeleon white-label cryptocurrency exchange software stand out from the rest. It is mainly drawn back from a likely top position by its high price tag.

Merkeleon white-label crypto software
Merkeleon white-label crypto software


The following are the main features that characterize Merkeleon:

  • Ultra-high security measures
  • Built-in cryptocurrency wallet
  • Multicurrency support including crypto and fiat currencies
  • Voucher system for inter-wallet transactions
  • Multiplatform mobile applications
  • Admin panel equipped with advanced analytics tools
  •  Easy integration with major cold wallets
  • QR Code scanning


You get the following advantages for having Merkeleon:

  • Offers two versions – Software-as-a-Service (cloud-based) version and self-managed (On-premise script) version
  • In-built liquidity solutions
  • Robust security features – including two-factor authentication
  • Flexible customization of various fees including trading fees and commissions
  • Easy integration with third-party payment and analytics solutions
  • Support for crypto assets and fiat digital assets
  • Unlimited number of products and users


Merkeleon portends the following disadvantages:

  • Very expensive. Well, some may argue that it is worth the price. But that makes it out of reach for small-scale crypto exchange business owners and lots of new startups.

4. Adenasoft

Providing an all-inclusive turnkey solution, Adenasoft’s (ACE) white label crypto exchange software comes with lots of impressive features that make it one of the top-5 choices to consider.

Adenasoft white-label crypto software
Adenasoft white-label crypto software


Some of the advanced features offered by ACE white label software include:

  • An all-inclusive system encompassing crypto trading platform, crypto wallet, customer management, and digital assets custody, among others.
  • Advanced liquidity solutions including liquidity pools, spot trading, and contracts
  • Third-party integration mechanism for payments, custody, and security
  • Derivatives trading system
  • Market trend watch
  • Web and mobile applications


The main advantages of ACE white-label crypto exchange software include:

  • Zero-fee starting offer
  • Multiplatform access, including desktop (web) and mobile device (Android and iOS)
  • Referral program
  • Customizable liquidity solutions
  • Database synchronization
  • Advanced user data management
  • User-friendly content management system
  • Easy-o-use analytics tools


A few drawbacks of the ACE white label exchange software are:

  • Yet to support P2P staking and trading
  • Inadequate third-party integration solutions
  • Lacks 24/7 customer support availability

5. Coinsclone

The last but not least of the top-5 white label crypto exchange software is Coinsclone.

Coinsclone homepage
Coinsclone white-label crypto software


Coinsclone boasts the following main features:

  • Advanced customizations
  • Integrated wallet system
  • Sophisticated security measures
  • Almost unlimited scalability


Coinsclone boasts the following advantages:

  • Highly customizable
  • Seamless integration
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Responsive customer support


The following are Coinsclone drawbacks:

  • Steep learning curve
  • Opaque pricing model
  • Not suitable for startups and small-scale crypto exchange business owners

Other white label exchange software worth mentioning

The following are notable white label crypto software that you can consider if the top 5 above don’t suit your use case:

  • CurrencyXchanger
  • TradeBox
  • TradeXpro
  • PTPWallet

Custom-build Crypto Software Providers

Are you looking for expert providers to build a custom white-label crypto exchange software for you?

If you are looking for a white label solution with advanced features that are not available on ordinary ready-to-deploy white label software, then, you need  

Here is a list of top-notch white label crypto exchange solutions providers in the cryptocurrency industry that have helped many traders to build their own cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Blockchain App Factory
  • Antier Solutions
  • AlphaPoint
  • PayBito
  • OpenDAX
  • ChainUp
  • Argo Trading Platform

When seeking a custom-built white label solution go for a solution that provides the latest technology. A modular architecture with source code that is open is ideal as you can easily customize the solution to fit your future needs.

Important features to look for in white-label cryptocurrency software

What distinguishes one white label software from the next are the features. To get the best solution that meets your specific needs, you need to consider the distinguishing features.

The following are the key features to look out for:

1. Trading engine

The trading engine is the most important feature to look out for. The following are important elements of a cryptocurrency trading engine:

  • Transaction speed – the engine should be capable of fast transaction speeds. To determine how fast the engine is, establish its speed rate in terms of transactions per second (tps) and benchmark against other trading engines in the crypto space.
  • Transaction volume per second – the engine should be capable of handling a high volume of transactions. To determine how powerful the engine is, establish its power in terms of transaction volume per second (tvps) and benchmark this against other trading engines in the crypto industry.
  • Multiplatform support – the engine should be able to operate from major platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac, among others. It should also allow functional access via mobile applications.
  • Automated system – automating routine trading tasks by incorporation of trading bots.
  • Liquidity solutions – automated connection to a wide array of liquidity providers

2. Multi-currency support

For your crypto business to flourish, your white label exchange software should have multi-currency support. Ideally, apart from supporting multiple crypto coins, it should also support fiat money and fiat payment solutions.

3. Order books

An Order book is a register of current buy orders (Bids) and sell orders (Asks/Offers) of digital assets.

  • Buy orders are placed by those traders who want to buy a particular crypto asset. Buy orders are listed in descending order.
  • Sell orders are placed by those traders who want to sell a particular crypto asset. Sell orders are listed in ascending order.

Order books enable buyers and sellers of crypto assets to match and exchange value.  

4. Admin panel

To easily manage a cryptocurrency exchange platform, an admin panel is created. This panel has all the tools and features required to administer the platform fully.

Thus, it is important to ensure that the admin panel of your white label crypto exchange platform is not only feature-rich but can enable you to have full control and management of the platform. In this regard, you need to do a benchmarking of the proposed admin panel against admin panels of various white-label cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto field.

5. User interface

To boost a seamless trading experience, you should go for a user-friendly interface. This user interface should not only enable easy access to various platform assets, tools, and resources but also enhance user experience. This is the most assured way of expanding your platform’s user base.

6. Security measures

Your white label crypto exchange software should have robust security features.  This will safeguard against the loss of digital assets due to the acts of nefarious characters. Security is of utmost importance and should override any other considerations.

At the bare minimum, a trading platform should have a two-factor authentication mechanism with customizable parameters. For example, a parameter can determine at what stage in the user journey the two-factor authentication is required – whether at registration, after a certain period of time, or after reaching a certain volume/value of transactions. An alternative parameter could be based on the occurrence of a risky event such as a suspicious entry, suspicious transaction, or any other suspicious behavior.

Advanced features could include National ID verification, biometric verification, KYC and AML verification, and end-to-end data encryption, among others.

7. Regulatory requirements

How the platform is designed can determine how easy it is for business owners to comply with regulatory requirements within their respective jurisdictions.

The following are some of the key features that can enhance regulatory compliance:

  • Tax reports
  • Securities exchange reports
  • Financial reports
  • Various government agencies’ compliance reports

8. Integrations

There is a high degree of interdependence in the crypto industry. Thus, integrations are inevitable. Furthermore, integrations can help save lots of time and resources.

The following are some of the common integration features that your platform should have:

  • Wallet integration – the most important wallet to integrate with is a cold storage wallet.  Integration
  • Payment gateway integration – integrating with fiat payment gateways can simplify transaction flows
  • Integration with third-party apps – third-party apps such as trading charts (e.g., TradeView, identity verifiers (e.g., Google Authenticator), and others is important as it helps to boost user experience.

Why should you go for white-label cryptocurrency software?

The following main reasons could drive you to go for white-label cryptocurrency software:

1. Quick deployment

It takes a very short time to acquire and deploy white-label software as opposed to building your own. The development process for building your own cryptocurrency exchange platform can be quite long and typically takes over 6 months for a development team to come up with a working software solution.

2. Advance customization

One big advantage of white label cryptocurrency exchange software is the ability to be tailor-made to suit the specific needs and specific requirements of a given crypto exchange business.

Advanced customization options can include the following extra features:

  • Security protocols
  • Order types
  • Data encryption
  • AML verification
  • Referral program
  • Cold storage integration
  • Liquidity solutions

3. Proven track record

While there may be new entrants in the white label market, the leading white label software solution providers have a proven track record to dare rank among the top 5. They are battle-tested and battle-hardened.

Thus, go for a white label crypto exchange development company that has a proven and demonstrable track record of developing active and top-performing white-label cryptocurrency exchanges in the cryptocurrency market. This way, the likelihood of your own crypto exchange performing the same or better is higher.

4. Expert solution

Leading white label cryptocurrency software solution providers already have a team of experts behind them. This ensures that the technical support you get whenever you face challenges is of high quality.

Factors to consider when choosing your white label exchange solution

The choice of your white label exchange solution could determine whether your white label crypto exchange platform performs as expected or not.

The following are important factors that should guide the choice of your white-label solution:

1. Advanced features

Generally, a typical white label exchange software solution comes with standard features. This doesn’t give you a competitive age. To rise above the hundreds of crypto trading platforms crowding the crypto space, your cryptocurrency exchange platform should incorporate advanced trading features that enhance and add value to the user experience.

Nonetheless, you should do a cost-benefit analysis of each feature to ensure that it is worth the extra cost of acquiring it.

2. Security protocol

The provided or envisaged security protocol should be strong enough to guard against malfeasance. However, these security measures should not be overly intrusive such as to impede easy access to the platform.

3. Licensing costs

Make sure that the licensing costs are within your budget and are competitive. Compare the cumulative recurrent licensing costs over the expected lifespan of the project against one-off licensing costs and decide which of the two is the best option.

Compare the effective licensing costs of a given provider against the market so that you can get the best solution at an affordable price.

4. Regulatory compliance

Some jurisdictions have strict regulatory requirements. Thus, you have to make sure that the white-label software being procured meets regulatory requirements as proscribed by the regulatory authority within the jurisdiction you plan to operate your crypto business.

You have a prepare a Requirements Documentation and make sure that your white label cryptocurrency exchange development provider can and agrees to meet those requirements. To protect yourself from fines and penalties due to non-compliance, you have to make sure that the procurement contract has these provisions.

5. Expert support

Whether you are procuring a ready-made solution or customizable solutions, it is important to have expert-based customer support to deal with technical issues that may arise during deployment and implementation.

Thus, verifying the reputation of your white label exchange solutions provider is important. You also need to confirm the service level agreement to ensure that expert-level support is incorporated in terms of meeting existing and emergent technical needs. You also need to verify the profile of the technical team members to ascertain that they have extensive experience in providing white label crypto exchange solutions.

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Hudson Kisia has been researching and writing content for ElementalCrypto since 2022. He has been writing about crypto, blockchains, and mining for more than 5 years now.

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