For this article I have carefully reviewed and ranked 22 of the top blockchain courses currently on the market. My ranking is based on a number of factors, including the quality of the course content, the expertise of the instructors, and the overall value for money. I have also taken into account the feedback and […]

HEX is the most polarizing cryptocurrency I have come across. It’s like Donald Trump. Half the people think HEX is going to make crypto great again. The other half can’t stand it. In this post I am going to explain HEX to you like you were 5. It’s pretty easy to wrap your head around. […]

I spent 4.5hrs this week identifying the best crypto subreddits. Some of them I follow already and highly recommend. Reddit is the best place to follow discussions about crypto and web3. In the section below I have ranked subreddits according to their popularity and number of members. I recommend you join all of them and […]

In this article I will introduce you to Curve Finance. Curve Finance is one of the foundational protocols of DeFi. It has almost $4Bn in total value locked and is the 6th largest DeFi protocol by that measure. I find it’s simplicity extremely exciting and hope you will too. In this article I will explain […]

Hey hey, check this out! There is a new kid on the “block” and its name is Aptos. It’s the new shiny thing everyone is talking about. Aptos crypto has the most social media engagement out of all the crypto projects launched in 2022. In this article, I will walk you through what Aptos crypto […]

In this article, I will review the top Strong node rewards calculators built by the crypto community. Their ease of use varies depending on what you want to do. Before moving on make sure you understand the basics. I am going to assume you understand what Strong coin is, how it has transitioned to Stronger, […]

Google Trends shows that searches for “Buy Pancat Cryptocurrency” are rising these days. That’s weird to me since the project seems to have been abandoned. In this post, I’ll explore this new meme coin called “Pancat” and explain how you can buy Pancat coin as an investor. I will also tell you wether I think […]

‍When you first get into the world of blockchain, it can feel like a maze. Where do you begin? How do you start? How do you get started with a blockchain-based project? In this article, I will introduce you to the basics of how to buy a Strong node and how you set it up. […]

Shhhh! Can you keep a secret ? Most people can’t. And certainly most blockchains don’t. But there is one blockchain that can. Its name is Secret Network. In this article I will explain Secret Network in the easiest way possible. I will avoid crypto jargon and distracting acronyms. By the end of this article you […]

There are currently 3 types of Strong Nodes and each one has a different duration First things first though. I assume you know that Strong has transitioned to Stronger. If that is news to you then you have some homework to do. Please check out my Strong Coin explanation to get a better sense of […]

Ok, hear this. Last week, before I even knew anything about Akash Network, I was traipsing through the internet when I came across the following statistic. 2/3 of Ethereum nodes (computers) are on 3 major cloud providers. In fact 50% of ETH nodes are on Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure. Whoah! That’s not looking very […]

Strong Coin is not a good investment at all. Full stop. If you are thinking “mmmm…maybe I will become rich. Maybe it’s reached the bottom” smack yourself in the face. “Bu…But …This chick on YouTube says she made so much money”. OK, firstly, YouTubers create content that people want to watch. If the title says […]