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Hi! I am Markos...

markos koemtzopoulos

I am the founder of Elementalcrypto

I started Elementalcrypto back in 2017 because I felt dumb whenever someone would explain crypto to me. 

I thought there ought to be a simpler way to understand it. 

Which is why I built this site and the course.

Previously I worked at Google for 12 years where I advised crypto and gaming advertisers on their growth strategy.  You can read more about me here.

Latest Posts

Coinsquare Transfer to Wallet

Coinsquare Transfer to Wallet: Best How to Guide

In this guide, I will tell you what you need to do to transfer crypto from Coinsquare to a wallet. I am going to use Guarda as an example but you can do the same with any wallet or exchange.  These instructions are the same regardless of whether you use Coinsquare Trade or Coinsquare

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Top 10 Crypto Exchanges

Top 10 Crypto Exchanges Ranked by Ease of Use

In this review, I have ranked the top 10 crypto exchanges based on my own experience with using and researching them.  If you are new to crypto you will inevitably end up using more than one exchange. This guide will make it easy for you to choose which one to start with. I will

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Coinbase Canada Fees: What You Pay and How It Compares

In this post, I will analyze how much Canadians can expect to pay on Coinbase in terms of fees. I will show all the costs you need to take into account: deposit fees, conversion fees, withdrawal fees, and trading fees. I will then compare Coinbase Canada’s fees to other crypto exchanges that are authorized

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Is Bitbuy Legal in Canada

Is Bitbuy Legal in Canada: a Comprehensive Review

Bitbuy is one of the 13 cryptocurrency exchanges that is authorized to accept Canadian customers. The Crypto Asset Trading Platform is registered as a restricted dealer with the canadian securities administrators.  In 2021, the Ontario Securities Commission issued an exemptive relief decision allowing Bitbuy Technologies Inc. to keep facilitating the trading of digital currencies such

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Which Crypto Platform Is Legal in Canada

Which Crypto Platform Is Legal in Canada in 2024

In this post, I will walk you through which crypto platforms are legal in Canada. I will list which crypto exchanges are compliant to do business with Canadians, which ones have filed a Pre-Registration Undertaking, and which ones are banned.  This article is part of my series on the best Canadian crypto exchanges.  While I

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Is Coinsquare Legal in Canada

Is Coinsquare Legal in Canada: Here’s What You Should Know

Coinsquare is a cryptocurrency exchange based out of Canada that is registered as a Money Services Business with FINTRAC. According to the Canadian Securities Administrators website, Coinsquare is Authorized to Do Business with Canadians. The company is in a Pre-Registration Undertaking to become The company is also the first crypto platform to be regulated by

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who has the most bitcoins

Who Has the Most Bitcoins: the 10 Largest Holders Revealed

In this post I will reveal who has the most Bitcoins by looking at the data and wallets on different blockchain explorers. In my research I found that most of these were owned by large entities. Read on to find out more. Bitcoin ownership distribution is greatly skewed. Most bitcoin holdings are concentrated in

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how does crypto com card work

How Does Crypto.Com Card Work: Ultimate Explainer

In this post I explain how the card works. The card is a special facility available to crypto holders with a account to effectively and efficiently use their crypto holdings.   The unique features and benefits of this card make it imperative for me to prepare this guide so that both

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Did Canada Freeze Cryptocurrency

Did Canada Freeze Cryptocurrency to Stop Protests

In this post, I explain how Canada’s government tried to freeze truckers’ cryptocurrency funds during the COVID-19 protests.  What happened?  In early 2022 disgruntled Canadian trucker drivers whose business was disrupted due to COVID and who did not agree with the Vaccine mandates blocked a main trade artery leading to and from the United

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Is kraken good in canada

Is Kraken Good in Canada? a Power User’s Ultimate Review

In this review, I will walk you through whether Kraken is any good in Canada. Together we will explore Kraken’s security features, its trading fees, licensing in Canada, and what restrictions Canadian users can expect. We’ll also take a look at the user interface and what deposit and withdrawal options are available to Canadian

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Canada Crypto Ban

Canada Crypto Ban: New Rules for Trading Platforms

There is no crypto ban per se in Canada but new regulation is forcing many crypto exchanges to exit the market. In this post, I will examine which digital-asset exchanges have been banned in Canada and what the current regulatory status is for crypto. After the collapse of FTX in 2023 Canadian Securities Administrators

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