Cosmos calls itself the internet of blockchains. So what is Cosmos crypto exactly? The team behind Cosmos view the future as being multi-chain rather than one-chain-to-rule-them-all. In the early days of crypto, most proponents took a maximalist stance supporting one blockchain only. You were either pro-bitcoin, pro-Ethereum etc. With the growth of various alt coins […]

What is Uniswap? I knew Uniswap was an important component of the whole DeFi story. I just didn’t realize how important it was until I started digging deeper. Uniswap is the Original Gangster of decentralized apps and its story is the story of DeFi. If you want to understand DeFi then you need to understand […]

Helium mining and the Helium network are one of the easiest crypto projects to understand. It is easy to become discouraged when trying to understand the world of crypto and blockchains. Just when you think you have grasped the basics, people will start discussing another token that requires you to fire up your brain to […]

Watched a bunch of videos but still don’t get Yearn Finance? You have come to the right place my friend. I will walk through what Yearn Finance does and how it works step by step. Read on for an in-depth, but simple, explanation without any of the tech or crypto jargon. 1. What is Yearn […]

If you are been reading up on Olympus Crypto explanations you have probably been going mental trying to understand all the jargon and how this cryptocurrency actually works. So what is Olympus DAO? When I looked at the Olympus DAO website I thought it was neat and organized with a FAQ section yet I came […]

What is Compound Finance? Compound finance is a decentralized lending and borrowing platform for cryptocurrencies. Just like a bank where you can deposit your money and earn an interest on your savings, with Compound you deposit your cryptocurrency tokens to earn a return. And just like a bank can use your deposits to lend to […]

First, let’s start with a caveat muchachos. So as to increase my chances of appearing on the term what is fantom crypto, I am going to do something weird. I will be using Fantom crypto instead of plain old Fantom. Pardon me if I sounds silly but this is what le Google wants. So here […]

What is Polygon crypto? If you don’t know much about Ethereum I would suggest you read this article explaining Ethereum first before trying to understand what polygon crypto is Polygon is a blockchain that offers fast transactions that are secured by the Ethereum Network. As such it offers the best of both worlds: high throughput […]

What is Axie Infinity? Axie infinity is an online game that uses blockchain technology. It uses tokens to incentivize its users to play and earn money. As a result it is wildly popular in SE Asia where people can often earn a living by playing the game. The game Axie is a game with basic […]

Important update: As of May 2022 the Terra Luna ecosystem has collapsed and is seeking ways to re-generate itself. The death spiral that Terra’s founders didn’t think was possible actually happened. In order to understand Terra and its Luna currency I still highly recommend you read the article below that will walk you through the […]