What Is Realio Network: Your Best Guide to $RIO

Published: 15th February, 2024 | Last Updated: 30th May, 2024

Markos Koemtzopoulos

Markos Koemtzopoulos is the founder and main writer of ElementalCrypto. He has been a lecturer at the University of Nicosia on cryptocurrencies and DeFi and has taught two courses on crypto and blockchain technology.

In this post, I will explain what Realio Network is and how it works. Realio’s website is clunky and confusing, to say the least. How are you supposed to figure out when you need a crypto thesaurus to understand what they are on about? Not to fret. I have spent the past week researching Realio and how it works so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting. I have even scored it across important dimensions such as team, tokenomics, products, and momentum to help you do your own research. 

what is realio network

What is Realio Network? 

Realio Network is a blockchain that facilitates the tokenizing of real-world assets and a metaverse. It also offers a DeFi wallet app. 

The platform’s permissionless architecture will allow anyone to issue tokens that represent digital ownership of RWA assets. 

What are RWAs?

Real-world assets are the latest hype in the crypto industry and many are looking for investment opportunities in this space. The first real-world assets on blockchains were stablecoins.

These are assets that represent a fiat currency, usually the US Dollar, online.

Now people are excited about the prospect of bringing all non-blockchain native financial products to the blockchains.

We’re talking about real estate, loans, treasury bills, shares, fund ownership, and similar asset classes.

The way it works is that there will be some intermediary or custodian who will ensure the 1:1 representation of assets in the real world on blockchains in the form of a digital security token. 

What you need to know about the Realio blockchain

Realio uses the Cosmos SDK. The Cosmos SDK is an out-of-the-box solution for blockchain developers.

You can find out more about the Cosmos ecosystem here but the main thing you need to keep is that it is a robust blockchain technology that is looked upon favorably within the crypto industry.

The other thing you ought to note is that Cosmos chains are EVM compatible and multichain.

The built-in EVM compatibility means that if you know how to code in solidity, the coding language used on the Ethereum blockchain then you can code apps on top of Realio as well.

Finally, being multichain means that the Realio platform can communicate with multiple blockchains, and send and receive assets to and from them. It uses a bridging technology called IBC protocol to do this. 

It is not clear to me why Realio decided to make a blockchain instead of just building a DeFi dApp on top of Ethereum and the like. 

What about the Metaverse

Realio Network plans to launch a real-world-based metaverse project called Districts.

Districts will be a virtual representation of the real world.

You will be able to buy land parcels and build representations of real-world buildings on them.

Why you would want to do that beats me.

I consider the metaverse project a distraction and will ignore it in the rest of this analysis. 


Realio uses a proof of stake consensus mechanism which means you can stake $RIO coins, the native utility coins of the blockchain.

You need the Realio network token (RIO) to pay transaction fees on the Realio Network which are then used to reward the validators and stakers on the blockchain.

As a RIO holder, you can join a staking pool to earn between 5-10% in rewards. 

The RIO token had a fair launch without any pre-mine and was airdropped to users. There is a maximum supply of 75Mn with 55Mn in circulation at the time of writing. 

A note about circulating supply: CoinmarketCap only lists the supply on Ethereum. But you need to consider the circulating supply across chains. See this tweet by Oculus for more.

Confusingly Realio issued a second token called Realio Security Token.

You can also stake this token on Realio to be rewarded in RIO. But more importantly, this token acts as an equity stake in the company behind Realio Network which is called Realio Technologies Ltd.

This gives you profit share rights in the company. 

They do not stipulate details on how they will generate revenue but as this company will be facilitating regulatory compliance and the representation of RWAs on a blockchain you can bet they will be charging a fee for their blockchain-based SAAS platform. 

RST has a max supply of $50Mn and with 25Mn in circulation. 9.5% of this was pre-mined and allocated to the team. 

Is Realio Network (RIO) a good investment? 

While doing my research I scored Realio across 4 major areas.

  • Team: Overall score 75%
  • Product: Overall score 25%
  • Tokenomics: Overall score 90%
  • Momentum: Overall score 100%

Here are the results:

Realio Team Assessment

Team Realio Weight Score
Are the founders legit with related experience? Yes. The CEO Derek Boirun has experience in commercial real estate. When I snooped on the rest of the team's profiles on LinkedIn they came across as pretty legit. The engineers all have years of experience. My only observation is that many people had moved around quite a bit in their careers. You can see the whole team here 65 65
Have they built Web 3 projects before? No 10 0
Did they do an exit? No 10 0
Can you find legit profiles on LinkedIn? Yes 5 5
Did they raise funds? $17Mn through the sale of a token called RST which you can stake and represents equity ownership of the company behind Realio. This means you can get a proportion of profits - -
How long have they been around? Launched in 2018 5 5
Public appearances through Interviews/podcasts None 5 0
Overall team score 75% 100 75

Realio product assessment

Product Realio Weight Score
Is it easy to understand what they do? No ❌ 5 0
What is it? A blockchain that faciliates tokenizing real world assets and a metaverse (oh and a wallet) - -
Is there demand for their product? Not certain ❌ 25 0
Is there a use case? Yes, it makes it easy to invest in RWAs via a blockchain ✔️ 20 20
How big is the market? US people only ❌ 8 0
Is it being used? There is not much to use yet. There is a liquid mining token called LMX and then you can buy their RIO, RST tokens and stake them ❌ 5 0
Github activity Low ❌ 2 0
Has the product launched? No. A proof of concept has lauched which allows you to buy into crypto mining. Also in 2020 they tokenized part of a real estate private equity fund. But no mass availability of real world assets on the digital platform yet ❌ 5 0
Does it have a strategic moat? No, anyone can do it. It's all about execution and first mover advantage. I am not sure why they set up a separate blockchain to tokenize RWAs ❌ 5 0
Is it focused? No it's trying to do multiple things: RWAs, some metaverse real estate, and confuses you with multiple coins: RIO, RST, LMX, xRIO ❌ 10 0
Is the website easy to understand for non-crypto visitors? No the website uses complex language and its hard to understand. You need to defer to other explainers on medium etc to figure out what they are on about ❌ 5 0
Do they have a proof of concept? They digitized the sale of a private equity fund and have lauched ownership stake in a mining operation ✔️ 5 5
Is the UX good? Pretty poor at the moment. Both the website and user experience are clunky. A lot of internal service errors and coming soon notification with last blog post being updated 6 months ago ❌ 5 0
Is it already being done? Yes many crypto projects are tackling the RWA space right now - -
At what stage is the product? Early stages with clunky UX but products have started rolling out - -
how does it create value? Brings RWAs to the blockchain. Nuff said - -
Why is the coin valuable? You need RIO to stake it, and transact on the Realio Network blockchain. - -
How does the project generate revenue? The blockchain doesn't. The company who set up the blockchain does: RST holders will participate in the equity returns generated by Realio Technology LTD and the Realio Network through tokenization and asset management fees, crowdfunding, transfer agent services, and interest earned from collateral assets, among other things - -
Overall product score 25% 100 25

Realio Tokenomics evaluation

Tokenomics Weight Score
Did they do a premine? not for RIO but they did for RST - -
is supply fixed or inflationary? fixed - -
Was it a fair launch yes airdrop for RIO. RST was allocated to team - -
circulating / total supply 8% - -
token release schedule slow ✔️ 10 10
are there incentives to reduce or lock supply? staking ✔️ 20 20
how many tokens Uses a native dual-token system: 1) RIO which is the staking and utility token and 2) RST which gives you equity ownership of underlying company but you can also use for staking. ❌ 10 0
how much upside is left: market cap vs industry size $6mn market capitalization vs bilions : very low ✔️✔️ 60 60
is it listed on major exchanges no
Overall tokenomics score 90% 100 90

Realio Momentum Checklist

Momentum Weight Score
Is it trending on social media? Yes, Lunarcrush metrics show increasing engagement ✔️ 20 20
Is the market cap low compared to similar projects? Yes about 1% of ONDO which is largest RWA crypto ✔️ 50 50
What the crypto market like? Bullish ✔️ 10 10
What is the sentiment for the sector this crypto focuses on? RWAs are super hyped ✔️ 20 20
Are they marketing heavily? Likely. Significant uplift in social media mentions in the past few months - -
Overall momentum score 100% 100 100
Is it a dApp or blockchain?Cosmos-based chain using the Cosmos SDK
Is it multi chain?Yes includes multi-chain feature
Partnershipsblockchains such as Stellar and Avalanche and ATS exchange, priavte equity fund and the mining project

Supplemental info

Is it a dApp or a blockchain?Cosmos-based chain using the Cosmos SDK
Is it multi chain?Yes it includes a multi-chain feature
PartnershipsBlockchains such as Stellar and Avalanche and ATS exchange, private equity fund and the mining project


Bottom line

None of this is financial advice of course but here is what I think of RIO in a nutshell

Yes, this project has momentum. RWA cryptocurrency solutions are hot and the market is interested in Realio’s utility token.

The team has potential but the execution is still in its infancy. I am not convinced by the product yet.

If you decide to ride the RWA hype by investing in Realio be cautious and invest conservatively.

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Markos Koemtzopoulos is the founder and main writer of ElementalCrypto. He has been a lecturer at the University of Nicosia on cryptocurrencies and DeFi and has taught two courses on crypto and blockchain technology.

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