What Is Creo Crypto and Is It a Good Investment?

Published: 14th March, 2024 | Last Updated: 30th May, 2024

Markos Koemtzopoulos

Markos Koemtzopoulos is the founder and main writer of ElementalCrypto. He has been a lecturer at the University of Nicosia on cryptocurrencies and DeFi and has taught two courses on crypto and blockchain technology.

In this post, I will explain what Creo Engine crypto is and whether I think it is a good investment or not. 

What is Creo Engine? 

Creo Engine is a gaming platform that makes it easy for games to share the same characters and assets in the form of an NFT. For example, you buy a fantasy creature in one game and then port it over to another game where it can have another use. This use can be explicity i.e. the same creature doing other stuff in the other game or it can be in the background. For example, owning the creature bestows special powers upon you. 

To facilitate the creation of this ecosystem,  Creo Engine offers gaming developers all the blockchain services one would need to transform a traditional Web2 game to Web3 such as token and NFT issuance. In addition, they offer a store, a marketplace, and a utility coin called CREO.

What is Creo Engine’s market?

The Creo Engine team believes that the play-to-earn market is going to be big. According to Vantage Market Research, the global gaming market was USD 245.9 Billion in 2022. They expect it to continue to grow at 14% per year. If crypto gaming such as metaverses are play to earn become a thing then Creo is well positioned to get a chunk of that. The play to earn market is estimated to be $3Bn and growing 18% year on year.`

Their primary focus is in SE Asia but they also plan to expand to Europe and North America in the near term. 

How developed is the platform?

Creo has five in-house games and hopes to attract more game developer studios shortly. Their own games are:

  1. Evermore knights
  2. Slime Haven which looks similar to Axie Infinity
  3. TagTag
  4. The Revenant Prince
  5. Peony Ranch

Creo has developed an interface where you can access these games called Creoplay.app. On this website, you will find a decent library of games which includes both their released games and upcoming releases. You will also be able to find most of their games on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Here is a list of their released games

  • Evermore knights
  • PuffVerse
  • MetaDragon
  • TrueCity NFT
  • Reco
  • KMON: World of Kogae
  • Rise of Sheertopia
  • MetaFighter
evermore knights game on creo crypto

Upcoming games include

  • Slime Haven
  • Katana Inu
  • Raidfield 2
  • MemeLordz
  • Haunted Space
  • Meda Shooter
  • Sipher Odyssey
  • Miner Arena
  • Lussa: The Final Frontier
  • Pepemon Degen Battleground
  • Buddy Arena
  • Overload

What are they offering to their users and partners?

The key benefits to using the Creo Engine platform are:

  1. That assets are interoperable ie you can move them from one game to another and they have multiple uses
  2. If a game developer shuts down the game you don’t lose your assets
  3. There is a secure marketplace that uses blockchain technology to validate transactions
  4. Their platform offers all the tools and resources developers need such as token and NFT creation, airdropping, staking, liquidity pools, and an IDO launchpad. 
  5. You will be able to sell digital assets for cryptocurrency tokens or real-world items such as gift cards. 

Who is behind Creo Engine

The Creo engine ecosystem is developed by a young team from the gaming industry in Indonesia. They have raised funds from the likes of AB Ventures, TSBA, Tokocrypto, and more. You can find a comprehensive list here.

The main spokesperson for the company is Darrel Wijaya who is the CTO of Creo Engine and the founder of Nomina Games the in-house game studio of Creo. Darrel developed a game called The Revenant Prince which was a web2 game with some moderate success on the Steam Store. 

Darrel Wijaya

Javier Tan is the CEO. He is said to have 10 years of experience in finance though his LinkedIn profile is rather sparse.

Javier Tan

What is the CREO token? 

The CREO token is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This means it’s available to buy on Decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap and centralized cryptocurrency exchanges such as MEXC and Gate.io. At the time of writing the coin is not listed on the top crypto exchanges yet. 

The CREO token has the following uses

  • Buy NFTs
  • Liquidity provision
  • Staking
  • Staking for Developers: game developers need to lock up some CREO before they can launch a game on the platform
  • paying fees on the marketplace
  • Voting on governance decisions. (They are building a DAO)
  • As a reward for promotional events

Creo tokenomics

The current circulating supply of Creo Engine is 290Mn out of a max supply of 1 billion tokens. Tokens are allocated as follows:

  • 3% to seed investors
  • 4.5% to a private round
  • 2% to pre-public round of fundraising
  • 1.5% to an IDO sale
  • 10% to the team
  • 5% to advisors
  • 14% is allocated toward game development
  • 10% used for staking rewards
  • 9% is an ecosystem fund
  • 5% is used for marketing
  • 20% is planned for player rewards
  • 10% is for liquidity on exchanges
  • 3% towards reserves and incentives
  • 3% towards partnerships

The team plans to buy back 40% of tokens and burn them over time using the income they generate through the platform. 

Is Creo Engine a good investment

To answer this question I score Creo on the following dimensions

  • Team: 25%
  • Product: 75%
  • Tokenomics: 60%
  • Momentum: 85%

Let’s take a closer look at each.

Creo Engine Team

Team Weight Score
Are the founders legit with related experience? I have to say I am not dazzled by their experience. CEO is said to have 10 years in finance but his LinkedIn bio is sparse. The company's public persona is the CTO who has set up a gaming studio in the past with a moderately successful game. The COO was a musician. Also, I do not see any developers on LinkedIn. Who is writing all the code? 65 0
Have they built Web 3 projects before? No 5 0
Did they do an exit? No 5 0
Can you find legit profiles on LinkedIn? ✔️ Yes 5 5
Did they raise funds? ✔️ Yes they did a seed round with 3% of tokens and have multiple backers listed 10 10
How long have they been around? ✔️ Since 2021 5 5
Public appearances through Interviews/podcasts ✔️ Yeah you can find the CTO speaking at events and presenting the company on YouTube 5 5
Overall team score 25% 100 25

Creo Engine Product

Weight Score
Is it easy to understand what they do? ✔️ Yes 5 5
What is it? - A gaming platform where Web2 developers can avail of Web3 tools such as token issuance and where games can share the same virtual assets. -
Is there a demand for their product? ✔️ I checked the Google Play store. Evermoreknights has a whipping 100K downloads. Puffverse has two games with 1000 downloads each. KMON has 5K downloads. The rest of the releases have around 1000 downloads. 25 25
Is there a use case? ✔️ Yes, Axie Infinity has proved that people like play-to-earn games. We will find out if they like porting NFTs from one game to another. 25 15
How big is the market? ✔️ Gaming is more than $200Bn. Play to earn is at $3Bn. So it's big 5 5
Is it being used? ✔️ yes 5 5
Github activity - N/A - -
Has the product launched? ✔️ Yes 8 games launched and 12 more coming soon 5 5
Does it have a strategic moat? No 5 0
Is it focused? No, they are throwing RWA and AI terminology around. They ought to double down on onboarding developers and acquiring customers. 10 0
Is the website easy to understand for non-crypto visitors? ✔️ Yes ok. Best to read the whitepaper for complete details 5 5
Do they have a proof of concept? ✔️ Yeah many games are live 5 5
Is the UX good? ✔️ The mobile games come across well with rich visuals and a good user experience. My only complaint is they don't have a call to action for game developers. 5 5
Is it already being done? - Play to earn is big. I don't know if other platforms are offering the same solution - -
At what stage is the product? - Launched - -
How does it create value? - Well the gamers get to play cool games. Developers on the other hand have a one-stop shop to do blockchainy stuff like issue tokens and NFTs. - -
How does the project generate revenue? - Fees on store and marketplace - -
Overall product score 75% 100 75

Creo Engine Tokenomics

Tokenomics Weight Score
Why is the coin valuable? ✔️ Players need CREO coins to pay fees when buying virtual goods in the store and marketplace. Developers need to stake it to launch a game on the Creoplay platform. You will also be able to vote on a DAO. 20 20
Back-of-the-envelope valuation They do not reveal enough data. How much are the fees? How much do you need to stake? 25 0
Did they do a pre-mine? - Yeah - -
Is supply fixed or inflationary? - Deflationary. Starts with fixed supply of 1bn and they will burn up to 40% over time. - -
Was it a fair launch - Multiple seed rounds - -
Circulating / total supply 30% 5 0
Token release schedule Most unlocks are over 6 to 12 months 10 0
Are there incentives to reduce or lock supply? ✔️ Yes, staking. 15 15
How many tokens ✔️ The platform offers the CREO token only but each game can issue its own token. I don't find this confusing. 5 5
How much upside is left: market cap vs industry size ✔️ $40Mn market capitalization vs 3-200 billion depending on how you look at it 20 20
Is it listed on major exchanges - Tier 2 exchanges like MEXC and Gate.io - -
Overall tokenomics score 60% 100 60

Creo Engine Momentum

Momentum Weight Score
Is it trending on social media? ✔️ Yes 30 15
Is the market cap low compared to similar projects? ✔️ Yes other gaming coins have valuations in the billions 40 40
What is the crypto market like? ✔️ Bullish market conditions 10 10
What is the sentiment for the sector this crypto focuses on ✔️ Gaming is one of the big ones 20 20
Are they marketing heavily? - Don't know - -
Overall momentum score 85% 100 85

What I think

I think Creo Crypto has room to grow from its current market capitalization. However, I am wary about the quality of the team and their messaging. They seem to be trying to ride the AI/RWA wave while their product is gaming-related.

I have decided to allocate 3% of my portfolio and plan to sell if you make 8x. However, please understand that none of this is financial advice. Please make sure to do your own research and use your own judgment.


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Markos Koemtzopoulos is the founder and main writer of ElementalCrypto. He has been a lecturer at the University of Nicosia on cryptocurrencies and DeFi and has taught two courses on crypto and blockchain technology.

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