Cryptocurrency Examples

19 Most Popular Cryptocurrency Examples and How They Work

In this post, I will walk you through the 19 most popular cryptocurrency examples and how they work. After reading this post, you will understand what 90% of the protocols in the crypto market do.  1. Bitcoin Bitcoin lives on a decentralized public ledger. Think of this like a large string of files everyone

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Newton Crypto Review

Newton Crypto Review: Is It Any Good in Canada?

In this review, I will help you decide whether Newton is a good choice for you. Together, we’ll look at Newton’t features, pros and cons. I will compare Newton in terms of fees, funding options, and token ranges with other popular Canadian crypto exchanges. I will also evaluate the user interface and rate the

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Shakepay Review

Shakepay Review: Is It Legit and Safe? Pros and Cons

In this review, I will walk you through all there is to know about Shakepay. Together, we will look at Shakepay’s features and pros and cons. I will compare Shakepay fees to other crypto exchanges in Canada and how they stack up against competitors regarding deposit and withdrawal methods. We will look at how

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Why is bitcoin superior to other crypto

Why Is Bitcoin Superior to Other Crypto: the 10 Reasons

Bitcoin maxis consider anything other than Bitcoin worthless or a shitcoin. In this post, I will explain why they think Bitcoin is superior to other crypto. After reading this post, you will have a solid footing on why Bitcoin is considered the ultimate cryptocurrency and why it accounts for 50% of the total crypto

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Difference Between Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain

Difference Between Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain

This post will explain the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain. Together, these two blockchains account for 66% of the total crypto market. If you want to understand crypto in-depth, you need to understand these two blockchains.  Key Differences Between Ethereum and Bitcoin Also, see the difference between crypto and bitcoin. Now that we have

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Best Crypto Exchange USA

Best Crypto Exchange USA: Which Are the Top 3

Whether you want to trade or invest in cryptos you need a crypto exchange platform. Like other digital assets, crypto assets are extremely exposed to cyber security risks. This makes it imperative to seek the best crypto exchange platform to safeguard your crypto assets. In this guide, I will walk you through the top

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best crypto exchange for day trading

20 Best Crypto Exchanges for Day Trading in 2024

This review will help you identify which is the best crypto exchange for day trading. Day trading is preferred by those who want to take advantage of the spread markup on various financial products. When it comes to crypto day trading, different platforms provide different crypto offerings, features, tools, and customer support.  Choosing one

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Which Canadian Bank is Best for Crypto

Which Canadian Bank Is Best for Crypto: Ultimate Review

This review will help you identify which is Canadian bank is best for crypto transactions. The future of banking is towards the use of digital currencies. Even national banks are releasing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) – the digital currency alternatives to paper money – to advance cashless banking. CBDC is a digital legal

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What Crypto Exchange Accepts PayPal

20 Crypto Exchanges That Accept PayPal in 2024

What crypto exchange accepts PayPal? This straight-to-the-point guide covers 20 crypto exchanges that accept PayPal transactions. Alongside identifying these platforms, we’ll guide you on how to use PayPal effectively for your crypto trades without overwhelming you with details. What Crypto Exchange Accepts PayPal at a Glance 1. Binance If you have a PayPal account,

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Uphold Wallet Review: Get the Low Down on Pros, Cons (2024)

In this review, I will walk you through the various features, pros, and cons of the Uphold Wallet. First and foremost, I will explain why Uphold Wallet could be a good choice. Most significantly, I will show you how to use this Wallet to store and transact various digital currencies. Among the most popular

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what is Chintai Crypto (Chex)

What Is Chintai Crypto (CHEX) and Should You Invest?

In this review, I will explain what Chintai crypto is and how it works. I will then help you decide whether CHEX is a good investment by looking at the team, product, tokenomics, and momentum. Chintai received the highest score out of more than 20 coins that I have researched using this framework. What

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